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What is GRE?

  • The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is one of the most important exams for those who are applying to graduate school or business school. It is also a very important exam for management program aspirants who are planning to study abroad.

  • The GRE is a computer-based standardized test that is often required to enter graduate and master's business programs (MBA) around the world. To assess the readiness and rigor of a graduate's academic studies, graduate business school admissions committees look to the GRE and its supporting materials, such as the Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letter of Recommendation (LoR), Academic history, etc.

  • The GRE was developed and administered by a testing company, ETS (Education Testing Service), to provide a common metric for graduates of business schools to compare qualifications and prepare for postgraduate research. A high score on the GRE will be a strong indicator of a student's academic readiness for graduate studies.

  • The test measures the quantitative, analytical and verbal skills of the applicant. Different universities have their own criteria for assessing knowledge related to GRE. University admissions boards use GRE scores to assess whether a student can successfully complete a particular course. Hence, students should check with the universities whether they have set specific GRE criteria for their desired courses.

Why Take GRE?

  • GRE is beneficial for students entering grad school who come from different countries. Trying to score well in the GRE is also beneficial because top universities tend to adhere to a high minimum GRE score.

  • GRE scores in the percentiles give universities a better idea of the overall score compared to the average score of their students in their respective countries, and vice versa. A higher score increases your chances of being admitted to the world's top universities such as Harvard, MIT, etc. A good GRE score also brings you one step closer to a scholarship or scholarships.

  • Currently, thousands of master's (Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Engineering, etc) and doctoral (Ph.D.) programs accept GRE scores, including more than 1,200 business schools. Some prestigious names that accept GRE scores are Harvard Business School, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and the Wharton School.

  • Most people take the GRE to get into graduate school or grab about merit-based scholarships for study. Many fellowship sponsors also accept GRE evaluations. So the probability that at least one of the programs you are applying to will require a GRE score (This assumption applies to receive a master's or Ph.D. degree).

  • If you are not sure whether you need to take the GRE, it is best to use the program directly. Remember that if you do not get a good score in GRE, you will not have the points needed to enter a program, and thus will not be able to fill out the application form and, thus, won't be capable of entering any of the programs.

Types of GRE tests

  • GRE General Tests

  • GRE Subject Tests

What is the application fee for Indian Students?

  • GRE General Test: 205 USD

  • GRE Subject Tests: 150 USD

  • Late registration fee (paper-delivered test online registration only): 25 USD

  • Standby testing (paper-delivered test only): 50 USD

  • Rescheduling fee (India): 50 USD

  • Changing your test center: 50 USD

  • Changing your Subject Test: 50 USD

What is the validity of GRE scores? 

GRE scores are valid for the period of 5 years from the examination date taken. You can send your scores to your target universities through ScoreSelect®.

Important Note: The scores earned in August 2015 are reportable until July 31, 2020.

For more details about GRE, check out the official website or apply directly




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