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We are a team of enthusiastic individuals who believe in becoming the change we want to see in the world. India is booming with opportunity and career options can no longer be counted on fingers, the possibilities are now endless. The weight of confusion ensuing from the overload of information on the Indian student has also caused mass confusion among them. With so many options to choose from, a large chunk of student population today struggles to choose a career that is best suited for them. Through our dense catalogue of careers and AI assistance, we not only aim to become your vehicles to explore the wide array of careers but also to guide you towards the career that is personally, the best fit for you.

Our Values


We don’t aim to bombard you with data and information (and we have a lot). We aim to make use of that information to figure out what is relevant for your career aspirations and what is not. At 9CC, we believe in only one mantra: Confusion se Azadi.


We provide every possible factor that is relevant to know in a career stream: colleges, examinations, job prospects and income outcome among others. We assess every facet of an individual’s personality ranging from grade percentage to their interests to find the best suit for you. 9CC is your one stop shop for everything related to career.


To know ‘where can I study’ is equally important as ‘what can I study’. Our services extend to foreign educational institutes spanning all continents and vocational career prospects such as languages. Education at 9CC isn’t restricted to old, boring classrooms.

Our Team

Indian Team

  • Amit khareta
    Founder & Chairman
  • Avinash Tewari
    Co-Founder and CEO

Overseas Team

  • Marcin Mocarski
  • Hina Rastogi

Advisory Board

  • Deepak Jha
    Director, Favorz
  • Vikas Laul
    Director, VSL Tech Pvt Ltd
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