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Study in Canada

The welcoming nature and surging economy of Canada have a lot of takers in India. According to the ICEF Monitor, as of 2018 Indians comprise 30% of the total student population which in turn is the largest of the share of all the other countries. 

Top reasons to Study Abroad in Canada

The reasons being:

  • Tuition fees are low for majority Canadian Universities

  • There are fewer universities in India imparting quality education and the competition in the quality ones is too high. Hence, low acceptance rates.

  • 7 Canadian Universities are ranked among top 200 universities of the world (QS ranking)

  • World-class specialized programs and liberal arts degrees that are exclusive to Canadian universities

  • You need not have to have a specific major in mind while applying

  • Opportunities for part-time work

    • Most of the International students work up to 20 hours per week and full-time during scheduled breaks without a work permit

  • A liberal post-study visa regime, Favourable visa, immigration, and work policies compared to the United States
  • According to an International Student survey done by Canadian Bureau for International Education, more than 90 per cent of students who were questioned were satisfied or very satisfied with their studies in Canada, and 95 per cent would recommend Canada as a study destination.
  • Canada’s Tech wave. According to the findings of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), Canadians rank 2nd in the world for the average number of hours spent online per user (41.3 hours per month)
  • Not only the quality of education, but you can also enjoy a high standard of living. According to QS world university rankings, three Canadian cities, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver were listed among the top 50 student cities of the world
  • Exposure to global corporate and market practices.

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