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Who is a Musician?

A Musician is someone who plays a musical instrument for a living or is gifted in music. A Musician may sometimes be preferably called an instrumentalist. A professional artist can also be a vocal artist.

What does a Musician do?

It is a profession where you compose, conduct, and perform music either live or recorded in recording studios. Musicians come in handy at all places and events like weddings, concerts, or any other places where there is an audience and there is a need for entertainment.

There are many genres of music and depending on the type of music, you can learn about the culture and perform live or recorded music. As there are many events and places to play music, you can choose your genre, compose music and then perform it.

What are the skills required?

Unlike many other professions, becoming a Musician means a lot of dedication and love for music.

  • Passion

  • Inborn musical talent

  • Ability to understand and interpret various music styles

  • Vocal or instrumental skills

Top Institutes offering Musician courses

As long as you have self-confidence, determination, musical skills, and a flair for entertainment, that is all there is to become a Musician. However, to become a professional Musician, one must have years of training to be able to guide and teach someone in the music field.

Many private institutions provide training and lessons for aspiring musicians where they give opportunities for individuals to perform in recitals, competitions and at times offering scholarships. The right career counselling and career guidance provided through this leading platform for higher education in India will help you choose the best institute for you to become what you are pursuing.

Top institutes for music

  • Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, Chennai

  • KM Music Conservatory, Chennai

  • Shankar Mahadevan Academy, Bangalore

  • University of Mumbai

  • Calcutta School of Music, Kolkata

All these programs require a certificate of successful completion of the standard 12. The different courses offered may vary from diplomas to bachelor's or master's degree up to 1-2 years or 3 years depending on the program you choose.

You may also give the exam for a specialised Music degree at Delhi University. Find out more about it on our exam calendar.

Career Scope

Music is a form of self-expression universally. Many musicians working in the popular music genres are self-taught and they gain experience through playing in small gigs, open mics and eventually build up reputation by playing in clubs and other events.

You could teach in institutes or give private music lessons by specializing in a specific music field. There are a lot of music industries and production industries that are looking for artists and musicians to sign a record label. These industries also provide platforms where aspiring individuals come and compete in contests.

There is a wide range of genres that you can master. Some of the more popular genres in India are –

  • Light Classical Music

  • Carnatic Music

  • Dance Music

  • Popular Music

  • Folk Music

  • Western Classical Music

  • Jazz & Blues

After becoming a reputed Musician, you can host your concert based on the demand of the people from around the world. However, a music career isn’t an easy one because most people consider it as a hobby and hold other jobs to support their performing career. It doesn’t mean it will be difficult to become successful as long as you love what you do and work with determination to become what you are aiming for.

How much does a Musician make?

In India, an average of Rs. 1147.83 per hour is paid to a Musician. A music teacher with experience earns about Rs. 5,89,581 per year while an orchestra Musician with minimum experience may earn an average of Rs. 5,70,703 per year, and with 8+ years of experience can earn up to Rs. 9,85,539 per year.

What are the Books and study material available?

This leading platform for higher education in India is here to provide a list of some the fundamental books to read –

  • Raag Parichay series - Shri Harish Chandra Shrivastava

  • Madhur Swarlipi series - Shri Harish Chandra Shrivastava

  • The Everything Music Theory Book - Marc Schonbrun

  • The Musician's Guide to Theory and Analysis - Elizabeth Marvin and Jane Clendinning

Major recruiters 

  • Saregama

  • T-Series

  • Sony Music India

  • Zee Music Company

  • Time Music

Interesting facts

The First Music School established in India is Gandharva Mahavidyalaya in Lahore, when it was still a part of India.