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Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be explained as simulating human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like people and imitate their actions. It can also be applied to any machine whose functions relate to the human mind, e.g. Learning and solving problems.

The ideal feature of artificial intelligence is its ability to rationalize and take actions that have the best chance of achieving a specific goal. Artificial Intelligence also helps in mitigating human error.

What does an Artificial Intelligence Specialist do?

An AI specialist works on

  • How the human brain thinks

  • How people learn, make decisions and work in an attempt to solve a problem, and then using the results of this research as a basis to develop intelligent systems.

What are the skills required?

  • Strong mathematical and computer skills

  • Excellent communication and analytical skills

  • Knowledge about computer programs

  • Knowledge of Statistics

  • Knowledge of Algorithms

  • Comfortable with handling Data

How to become an Artificial Intelligence expert?


  • To obtain an undergraduate degree in engineering (below), you must pass 10+2 exact sciences (physics, chemistry, mathematics) from a recognized body.

  • To get to the best engineering schools that offer engineering programs such as IIT, IIIT and NIT, you must register for JEE (joint entrance examination) and meet the required admission criteria (class 12 results / equivalent proficiency test and joint entrance examination).

  • Independent technical entrance examinations are also conducted by various state, central and private universities, most of which require 50% as a prerequisite to the exam (the minimum percentage may vary for reserved and girl candidates, and college requirements)

  • You can also opt for a BSc degree that has mathematics as a subject

Top Colleges offering Artificial Intelligence course in India

  • Department of AI - IIT Hyderabad - You need BSc/Btech/MSc to pursue an MTech course at the Department of Artificial Intelligence. 

There will be a written test and Interview. There is a short 5-week program as well. It has the same eligibility criteria and a selection test.

  • Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management - Trivandrum - IIITM accepts several entrance tests. GATE is one of the acceptable scores. You may take up an MSc in Machine Intelligence here and begin your career in AI. 

Eligibility needs are BSc, BTech or MSc.

What are the popular branches of Artificial Intelligence?

  • Machine learning - automates analytical modelling. Searches for hidden insights into data without having to program to search for something specific or draw certain conclusions.

  • Deep learning - uses very large neural networks and high computing power. It finds complex data patterns for applications such as image and speech recognition.

  • Natural Language Processing - Analyzes, Understands and Reacts to human language.

What is the scope and growth opportunities of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are hot keywords used by security providers. Their cybersecurity products bring real value to security teams. Companies today use this information in security event management (SIEM) software. AI & ML detect anomalies and identify suspicious threat activities. AI analyzes data and uses logic to identify similarities to known malicious code. AI warns of attacks much earlier than human workers and earlier technological iterations.

The average salary for a Data Scientist, IT with Machine Learning skills is Rs 874,691 per year. Experience strongly influences pay for this job.

Source: Indeed

Top recruiters for Artificial Intelligence experts in India

  • Day One Technologies

  • ThirdEye Data

  • Talentica Software India Pvt. Ltd

  • Algoscale Technologies, Inc.

  • Accubits Technologies Inc

  • Softweb Solutions

  • Icreon

  • SynapseIndia

  • Affle Enterprise

  • Knoldus Inc.

Some Interesting Facts

AI training programs ensure that employees implement ethical issues in their daily work. They must take corrective action when AI solutions harm people or organizations.

AI systems need to be purposeful, intelligent, adaptable and meet basic human values. Countries can make progress and take advantage of AI without sacrificing humanity.