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What is Animation?

Animation is the process of designing, drawing, arranging and preparing photo sequences integrated with multimedia and games. Animation involves using and managing still images to create the illusion of movement. Courses offered in various design institutes across India are aimed at training students in the various aspects of Animation, Gaming, and Design.

They undergo practical training in Visual Development for

  • Animation and Games, Personality and Caricature

  • Fundamentals of Animation

  • Character Design and Storyboarding

  • Stop Motion

  • VFX for Film and Games

  • Multiple CGI skill-sets and training in various industry standard software. 

What Animators do?

An animator creates many images, called frames. Frames create the illusion of movement. This illusion is called animation when viewed in short intervals of time. Animators can work in a variety of areas, including film, television and video games.

  • Work with a team of designers to design storyboards, projects and animations

  • The main skill of the animator is the ability to draw, model or use dolls to create the illusion of movement

  • In a video game or movie, you may create scripts to create actions and develop characters.

  • In an advertising campaign, you may be a project manager to meet deadlines and budget.

  • Because animation design is specialized, creators use their skills in various industries.

  • Create, test and share prototypes and change animations according to customer requirements

  • Support for creative brainstorming with clients, researchers and project teams

  • Design movies for individual and online audiences

  • Work with teams to understand specifications and ensure continuity between offers

  • Use a variety of software to improve, improve and update your movies, and create photos for other purposes. 

What is the Admission and Eligibility criteria?

Anybody with a high school diploma can dabble into the territory of animation. 

  • UG: Candidates must have passed 10+2 after which they have to appear for the Design Aptitude Test followed by studio test and personal interview. 

  • PG: Must have passed 10+2 after they have finished graduation in any stream. They then become eligible to appear for the Design Aptitude Test followed by studio test and personal interview. 

All students have drawing tasks that help them design, lay out and develop stories. With the teacher's consent, students can choose to complete larger projects in 2D or in 3D. Students must have basic computer skills.

Top colleges offering Animation courses

  • Picasso Animation Department, New Delhi

  • Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata

  • Whistling Woods International, Mumbai

  • National Institute Of Design, Ahmedabad

  • Army Institute of Technology, Pune

Popular Colleges offering animation courses

  • Vellore Institute Of Technology, Vellore

  • Amity University

  • Frameboxx 2.0

  • Pa Inamdar College Of Visual Effects, Design And Art

  • Iifa Multimedia, Bangalore

  • Mit Institute Of Design, Pune

  • Arena Animation

What is the scope of animation and design?

  • According to the KPMG India-FICCI Indian Media and Entertainment Industry Report 2017 The Indian animation and VFX industry grew 16.4 percent to $ 59.5 billion in 2016, largely due to 31 percent growth at VFX.The growth rate for animations remained constant at 9 percent

  • There are plenty of jobs for animators in India currently. Popular animation films such as Roadside Romeo, Chaar Sahibzaade, Ramayana: The Epic and Return of Hanuman being some of the most popular and widely watched ones in the recent past. 

  • There is also plenty of work in the digital space and television as well with animation has become one of the most sought after tools to communicate publicly

  • Multiple job options are available in the advertising, content, Entertainment, video gaming sectors

What are the Job options available in this field?

  • Principal UX Design Manager

  • Creative Head – Illustrator/Animation and Video Editing

  • Character Animator 3D

  • Trainer – 3D Animation

  • Associate Manager – 2D Animation

Who are the Major Recruiters?

  • AUM Animation studios, Mangalore

  • Expedia 

  • Frameboxx Animation and visual effects

  • Maya Entertainment Ltd, Mumbai

  • UTV Toonz, Mumbai

  • Toonz Animation India, Thiruvananthapuram

  • Pentamedia Graphics, Chennai

  • Heart Entertainment Limited, Hyderabad

  • Crest Animation Studios Ltd. Mumbai

  • Padmalaya Telefilms, Hyderabad

  • Silvertoon Studio, Mumbai

  • Jadooworks Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru

  • Nipuna Services, Chennai

How much will you earn?

  • Avg. Salary in India - Rs 375,123

  • Avg. Entry level Salary (less than 1 year) - Rs 293,959

  • Avg. Early Career Salary (1-4 years) - Rs 330,408

  • Mid Career Salary (5-9 years) - Rs 500,210

  • Experienced (10-19 years) - Rs 600,000 

Salaries are per annum

What are the Books and Study material available?

  • Success Master for NIFT/NID/IIFT by Arihant

  • Study package for NIFT/NID/IIFT by Arihant

  • Previous question papers

  • Aptitude tests available for Management entrance exams (Arihant, Arun Sharma, R.S Agarwal)

  • Mock tests available online

Some Interesting facts

Thanks to the lack of a fifth finger on the hands of cartoon characters, animation studios were able to save several million dollars, because this decision shortened the time to render characters in one frame.  At the same time, four fingers did not cause any visual disturbances.