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Medical Tourism

 What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism applies to people travelling all around the globe for dental, surgical and other healthcare facilities for several reasons such as better accessibility, more economically feasible, decreased expecting time to undergo treatment and better facilities.

What does a Medical Tourism consultant do?

A medical tourism consultant helps the traveller in planning their medical travel. They are responsible for offering complete information on medical services, travel insurance, facilities abroad as well as local areas.

What are the skills required?

Candidates who aspire to be a part of medical tourism need to have a good knowledge of medicine as well as communication skills. The personal skills a medical professional needs to have are:

  • Great Knowledge of Topography of various sightseeing places and hospitals offering top-notch healthcare.

  • Knowledgeable about healthcare treatments.

  • Communication skills

  • Organization and Leadership skills

  • Knowledge of foreign language will be an added advantage

Top colleges offering courses on Medical Tourism

India's Health care sector is known worldwide because it offers advanced treatment and the cleanliness of Indian Hospitals is well renowned all over the world. The prices that India hospitals ask for are a fraction of what hospitals in developed countries demand. The top colleges offering courses on Medical Tourism are:

  • Apollo Hospitals and Medvarsity

  • Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travel Studies, Kerala

  • Symbiosis Centre for Health Care, Pune

  • ICRI Health Campus, New Delhi

  • Institute of Public Health and Hygiene, Delhi

  • Global Institute of Medical Sciences, Gujarat

Apollo Medvarsity offers a one year course on medical tourism and Symbiosis offers postgraduate courses on medical tourism. These courses will offer knowledge of travel and tourism and also of the healthcare industry. Candidates who are already working in the healthcare industry can also do their MBA to increase their skills and knowledge. Any graduate who has completed their (10+2) and possesses good communication skills can opt for medical tourism.

The courses are from one to two years and consist of in-depth knowledge of the travel and tourism industry, logistics and hospitality management and medical technologies, facilities, etc.

What is the Career Scope of Medical tourism in India?

With the development of technology, India has become one of the leading healthcare providers in the world. India does complex surgery with a renowned specialist at one-fifth of the cost starting from the quality of the therapy, cleanliness, cost and specialized doctors offering treatment with no waiting time. India is the forefront of open-heart therapy, cardiac surgery, knee and hip replacement, bone marrow transplantation, cancer therapy among others.

As per a FICCI and IMS Health report, India’s Medical Tourism industry is anticipated to be worth $9 billion, holding 20% of the global market share by 2020. Several factors have contributed to the growth of medical tourism in India:

  • Availability of world-class doctors who provide a customized approach in treating patients

  • Quality cost-effective healthcare made available

  • Greater savings for patients coming from other countries

  • Ability to bypass waiting lists, especially for chronic conditions

  • Easy granting of medical purpose visas

A host of employment opportunities await professionals who have completed their course in medical tourism. The different fields a medical tourist can work in are:

  • Guest Relationship Manager

  • Medical Tour Consultant

  • Hospital Administration

  • Physician Assistant

How much does a medical tour consultant make?

The average travel consultant salary is Rs 310,309 in India. Travel Consultants at the entry-level with work experience of less than a year make Rs 241,139. For those with 1 to 4 years of experience, salary is Rs 291,740. A Travel Consultant with 5 to 9 years of work experience can earn Rs 431,091, while those with 10 to 19 years of work experience can make Rs 450,000. With more than 20 years of work experience, travel consultants can earn up to Rs 600,000. The estimates are according to payscale.

Note: (We don't have enough data points to show the correct estimate of a medical tourism consultant salary. We will update it as soon as it is available)

Salaries are per annum

What are the books and study materials available?

The role of a medical tourist consultant requires the person to guide their client to great hospitals as well as good places to visit. You need to have knowledge of topography and major tourist destinations of your place as well as the various treatments offered by different hospitals. Some books and study materials for medical tourism are:

  • The medical tourism travel guide, Paul Garlinger

  • Handbook on Patient Tourism and Mobility, Neil Lunt

  • Idiot Guide's to Medical Tourism, Patrick W.Marseck

  • Patients with Passports, I. Glenn Cohen.

Major Recruiters

Medical Tour consultant works on different industries including the healthcare and hospitality industry and from the tourism industry. The major recruiters for medical tourism consultant are:

Interesting Facts

As per estimations, in 2015, India was the 3rd most popular medical tourism destination, with 234,000 foreign tourists entering India on medical visas. As per government figures, by 2017, there was an increase in this number by more than double with 495,056 tourists entering the country on medical visas.

Many foreigners come to India for Ayurveda treatment and many hotels and resorts have a separate Ayurveda Center to attract international visitors.