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Who is a Statistician?

A professional who collects data, as well, verifies and interprets that data is referred to as a statistician. The collected data is used by a statistician for problem-solving exercises in various fields. Today’s generation treats it as one of the most interesting professions. A statistician’s services are needed in different fields ranging from government organizations to sporting events.

What does a statistician do?

  • A statistician uses different methods and techniques such as surveys, questionnaires, diagnostic tools and tests for studying real-life issues in several disciplines including economics, biology, medicine, psychology, sociology, physics, and engineering among others.

  • Statisticians gather data from various dependable sources and evaluate the same using statistical techniques, use different kinds of statistical tools and then share their findings through tables, charts, and graphs. Based on their findings, statisticians recommend potential applications of their survey’s outcomes and also help in offering solutions for the problem(s) detected.

What are the skills required?

Candidates can apply for a bachelor's course after clearing their 12th class with Statistics or Mathematics as a mandatory subject. To get enrolled in a master course, the candidate should have completed their bachelor's degree in statistics from a recognized university in India. Following are some of the major skills required to become a statistician in the country:

  • Strong base in Mathematical Statistics

  • Versatility in problem-solving

  • Ability to be in sync with the latest statistical tools, software, and literature

  • Should have a solid background in the stream of Statistical Computing

  • Strong interpersonal skills with people from different fields for understanding the problems

  • Ability to comprehend important facts and logical thinking

Who can study Statistical Courses?

Graduates who have passed 12th with Mathematics or Statistics can take up Statistics in degree programs.

Top colleges offering courses on Statistics in India

You need to first comply with the eligibility criteria to apply for the course. Here are some of the top universities and colleges offering courses on statistics:

Prestigious Universities offering a degree in Statistics

  • Indian Statistical Institute-Kolkata

  • Madras Christian College, Chennai

  • Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur, Kolkata

  • Presidency University, Kolkata

  • Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University), Varanasi

  • Hindu College University Of Delhi

You need to sit and clear an entrance exam to take admission in all those universities. 

Popular Colleges offering a degree in Statistics

  • KIIT or Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology

  • University of Pune

  • Xavier’s College-Ahmedabad

  • School of Statistics, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya-Indore

 What is the Career scope for Statisticians in India?

  • Statisticians enjoy excellent job opportunities abroad, as well as, in India. Their analytical skills are in high demand in the job market today.

  • Statistics is a versatile stream as it can be used in different fields like industry, business, government, private sector, agriculture, scientific, computer science, health science, and other disciplines.

  • Candidates can complete the NET / JRF entrance and even work towards their PhD in the field of Statistics. 

  • Those completing the degree can opt for actuarial science, software development, analytics, finance, and many other options.

  • Interested candidates can also apply for various All-India levels such as Indian Economic Services and Indian Statistical Services, and the Civil Services.

How much does a Statistician make?

Statisticians earn attractive salary packages inside the country and abroad. According to, a statistician's national average salary in India is INR 5,67,974. On the other hand, has shared that a statistician's average salary is INR 4,89,796 per annum.

What are the Books and study material available?

Check out some of the best study materials and books in the field of Statistics listed below:

  • All of Statistics: A Concise Course in Statistical Inference by Larry Wasserman

  • Modern Applied Statistics with S by Venables & Ripley

  • Statistics by Freedman, Pisani & Purves

  • The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction by Hastie, Tibshirani & Friedman

  • Probability and Statistics (4th Edition) by Morris H. DeGroot, Mark J. Schervish

  • Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences by Devore\

  • Bayesian Data Analysis by Gelman, Carlin

Who are the Major recruiters?

Some of the top recruiters of Statisticians in the country are as follows:

  • TCS Innovations Labs

  • BNP Paribas India

  • Deloitte Consulting

  • Genpact

  • Indian Market Research Bureau

  • HSBC

  • American Express

  • HDFC

  • GE Capital

  • HP

  • Cognizant

  • Blue Ocean Marketing

  • Accenture

  • Nielsen Company

Interesting facts

Debabrata Basu was one of the major statisticians and mathematicians of India. He has contributed enormously in the field of survey sampling and many of his statistical theories are widely acknowledged in different parts of the world.