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Social Media Strategist

Who is a social media strategist?

A social media strategist is an adept digital marketing expert who can make social media turn its attention towards a product that is being campaigned.

What does Social media strategist do?

A social media strategist creates advertising campaigns and promotes the product they are associated with. Their duty includes spreading awareness about their product.

What are the skills required?

Anyone can pursue a career in Social Media Strategy after completing school.

The role of a social media strategist requires one to have plenty of knowledge in the respective field. Along with educational proficiency, one needs to have

1. Interpersonal skills

2. Intelligent planning skills

3. Out of the box thinking

4. Social media exposure

5. Extrovert nature

6. Good communication skills

7. Power point presentation making skills

8. Quick pitching skills etc

If one is able to convey their idea in a graphical or video form to the audience with a theme, they can slowly groom them to become social media strategist.

Top colleges offering courses on Social Media Strategy

Social media Strategy courses are available in these famous colleges in India

1.  NIIT Imperia- center for advanced learning initiatives

2. Digital Vidya

3. Edukart

4. Pearl Academy


6. Digital Soch


8. IIM- MBA in marketing with specialization in social media marketing

9. SMM courses from venturesity

10. Don bosco

11. LIPS

Along with these colleges, there are several international certifications available for Social media marketing and strategy. These can be completed along with a master’s in business administration to get job opportunities

What is the career scope of Social Media Strategy in India?

The scope of social media strategists is high in India. Being a developing country, the social media-based businesses are proliferating these days. With digital marketing being the prime profit bearing area, social media strategist is recruited by every B2B and B2C companies to improve their sales.

Social media connects a large number of people quickly. With creative marketing ideas and out of box thinking, a social marketing strategist can boost sales just by the click of a button. Hence there is a huge scope to learn and to work in this sector.

The only requirement in this field is that the candidate should be abreast with latest technological advancements so that they can use these technologies to increase their profit margin. 

How much does a Social Media Strategist make?

The average salary of a social media strategist is Rs 30,000 per month. Big agencies can even offer higher pay cheques up to 80,000 INR based on the number of years of experience and the number of successful projects completed.

In general, the minimum amount drawn as salary in this field is 365000 INR/yr and the maximum is around 600000 INR/yr. This field is highly competitive and there is no comparative pay for this role. The portfolio of the candidate and the successful campaigns completed by the same, calls for a salary increase or bonus

What are the Books and study material available?

To become a Social Media Strategist, one can follow the following course contents and study the following books:

1. India Social- How social media is leading the charge and changing the country- Ankit Lal

2. Social Media: 2017 market tools for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter- Jason McDonald

3. Crushing It: How Great Entrepreneurs build their business and how you can too

4. Youtube video on growth Hacking by Jeff Abston

Major recruiters

With social media being the backbone of today’s world, social media strategists are much in demand.

From corporate giants to public welfare groups to NGO’s, everywhere social media consultants are required to plan publicity campaigns and execute them successfully. The major recruiters in this sector are:

  • Film entertainment public limited companies like PVR, INOX
  • Radio channels like Radio one, Hello FM, Radio Mirchi
  • Notable Production houses for advertisements and shows
  • Brand endorsement organizations
  • Copyright content creators
  • Start-up companies
  • Marketing and sales departments of MNC’s

Along with these recruiters, there are many options to work as freelance social media strategists who work on selective projects based on their time constraints.

Interesting facts

One of the topmost social media strategist and consultant in India is Sorav Jain. He has been recognized as one of the most enterprising young social media strategist in the Global Youth Marketing Forum.

He spearheads echoVme- the social media marketing consultancy that serves prestigious clients like Amrutanjan, Bosch India, Ramco Cements and many other pioneers.