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Product Testing

What is Product Testing?

Product Testing is a process in which a product’s performance is measured quantitatively and qualitatively. It is also known as consumer testing; end-user based testing or comparative testing.

What does a Product Tester do?

A Product testing role requires one to understand the end to end functionality of the product. It also requires one to perform user interface testing, unit-level testing, functional testing, integration testing and system testing before releasing the product for user acceptance testing. Along with performing tests, one has to know how to create new test cases for the product and document the same.

What are the skills required?

The role of a Product Testing professional requires one to have a complete understanding of the testing methods and test tools. Along with the professional qualification one needs to have

1. Basic product development life cycle knowledge

2. Quality control knowledge

3. Thorough understanding of Testing tools

4. Interpersonal skills

5. Documentation skills

6. Data analysis skills’

7. Good communication skills etc.

Top colleges offering courses on Product Testing

Product Testing is a course that is studied as a part of quality control and project management. Some of the best colleges that offer courses on product testing are:

1. International Software Testing Qualifications Board

2. CMC limited


4. Seed Infotech Ltd

5. Qspiders testing training institutes

6. STC technologies

7. QA campus

8. Dunworthy College of Technology Minneapolis certification

In many of these courses, product testing is taught as a syllabus in a semester. There are plenty of certification courses available online related to software testing.

You can also learn through experience by taking product testing work from home gigs as a fresher and building a reputation.

What is the Career scope for product testing in India?

The scope of Product Testing is very high in India. There are plenty of product development centres in India. When there is a plant, there should also be quality control and quality assurance team to govern the development of the product. The product testing team can include hardware and software testing processes and this can keep up the quality of the product at a higher level.

Also, there are plenty of software testing jobs in India at MNC companies that offer various jobs like onshore testing, offshore testing, manual testing and automated testing. Product testing is a high paying and promising field for career growth and development

How much does a Product Testing employee make?

The salary of a Product Testing professional can start from a few thousand to a few lakhs per month. The salary grows with experience and also technical expertise. Generally, the role of product testing professional can start with a tester and extend up to test architects. 

  • In today’s date, the average basic pay of a product test engineer is Rs 5,87,000 per year. It can start with Rs 4,41,000 to Rs 26,64,000 per year. Big Multinationals like Sasken, CSC and Reliance Industries offer in the above-mentioned range.

  • A functional test engineer can start with Rs 4,00,000 per year in metros like Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

  • Product tester in other manufacturing and product development industries (non-software) starts with Rs 4,36,722 per annum.

  • An Automation tester can make around Rs 4,37,000 plus Rs 25,000 annual bonus.

What are the Books and study material available?

To become a Product Testing professional, one can follow the following course contents and read the following books

  • Software product testing

  • Quality control and assurance

  • Selling blue elephants- Howard Moskowitz

  • Build better products: Laura Klein

  • The lean standup

  • UX for startups

There are many courses available for product testing on youtube by various pioneering agencies and academies that can help one to learn the subject easily. There are certification courses available that will not only train the students but also assess their calibre and capacity

Microsoft also offers excellent coursework on software testing and quality assurance. These certifications are paid and have great value in the market. The students who have completed these have got placement in good MNC with great packages.

Who are the Major recruiters for product testing in India?

Recruitment for product testing professionals is done by almost all product development companies. Those who are creating a product will look for quality control and assurance experts. Thus the recruiters include

1. MNC companies for product development

2. Test training institutes

3. Quality control organizations

4. Product review teams

Interesting facts

One of the topmost Product Testing consultants is Mrs Sudha Murthy. In fact, she has worked in comprehensive product development and also performed the testing during her initial days of an engineering career.

In fact, a good product developer should also be a good product testing professional so that they can write proper test cases and check the workflow.