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What is Hypnotherapy?

  • A therapist uses hypnotherapy as part of a major therapeutic intervention. A stage hypnotist, on the other hand, makes his audience laugh or impress. The two types of hypnosis are often confused. Hypnotherapy is real and gives positive results when used professionally.

  • Hypnotherapy is synonymous with hypnosis, and art therapy is synonymous with art. A hypnotic state is a tool for solving mental and physical health problems.

  • There is one big difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy. The hypnotherapist takes time to learn from you about your negative behaviours and triggers. Then, the hypnotherapist develops a plan that reverses this unconscious thinking.

  • Studies are beginning to announce the benefits of hypnotherapy for psychological problems. Research suggests that this alternative method can prove beneficial for a variety of problems. The real goal of hypnotherapy is to help individuals understand themselves. Scientists, doctors and researchers have been involved in hypnotherapy for centuries.

  • Now, we have decades of research saying that hypnotherapy eases problems. Hospitals, clinics and emergency care facilities are also bringing medical hypnosis to their patients.

  • Hypnotherapy is used with manual therapies such as manipulation and massage.

What Hypnotherapists Do? 

If you and your client agree, you can suggest your client try hypnotherapy. If it works in your particular circumstances, you can continue on the path. Hypnotherapy is a professional tool that has helped many people in the past.

  • Hypnotherapy uses the power of suggestion to bring positive changes in hypnotized clients.

  • They discuss the patient's medical history, symptoms, and treatment goals.

  • To practice hypnotherapy, you place the client into hypnosis. It is a relaxed state where the mind responds better to suggestions. In this state, you make suggestions to the subconscious that can have benefits.

  • You provide instructions on

    • How to quit smoking and drug habits

    • Lose weight

    • Ending anxiety

    • Relieving stress

    • Controlling your habits.

  • Hypnotherapy never replaces medical or psychiatric treatment. But, it proves to be an important complementary therapy. You will teach

    • Protocols for accelerated healing

    • Strategies for reducing acute and chronic pain

    • Preparation for surgery

    • Hypnotherapy for dentistry and childbirth.

How is Hypnosis helpful to the patients?

  • Hypnosis can be effective in managing pain, stress, and anxiety. Cognitive-behavioural therapy is considered the primary treatment.

  • Hypnosis is also used as comprehensive smoking cessation or weight loss program.

  • Hypnosis can be used in two ways, as suggestion therapy or for patient analysis.

  • Suggestion therapy: The hypnotic state enables the person to react better to suggestions.

  • Thus, hypnotherapy helps people change certain behaviours, such as smoking or nail-biting.

How to Become a Hypnotherapist in India?

Eligibility Criteria

  • In order to become a hypnotherapist, you need to be a psychological therapist first. Most common hypnotherapists are practitioners in the field of psychology before venturing into the process of hypnosis. While it is common and conventional, it is certainly not binding. Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social work or nursing will also suffice.

  • When it comes to actually be a hypnotherapist, one needs to be certified by doing a course in hypnotherapy. There are many institutes that provide certification courses to people seeking hypnotherapy. 

Top Institutes Providing Hypnotherapy Certification in India

  • Ekagra Karma Apara Antara (EKAA)

  • Institute of Clinical Hypnosis And Related Sciences (ICHARS)

  • Indian Hypnosis Academy (IHA)

  • Indian Institute of Hypnotherapy, Gurugram

  • California Hypnosis Institute Gurgaon

  • Indian Institute of Hypnosis

  • The Hypnotherapy School of India

Top Recruiters for Hypnotherapists in India

  • Hypnotherapists can be recruited by corporates on an on and off basis for the regulation of their employees 

  • Hypnotherapists can be recruited personally by individuals trying to cope up with their mental competence or overcoming or foreseeing a significant life event. 

  • They can be hired by social workers to join forces with them 

  • Many institutes instantly hire hypnotherapists to train people in the discipline 

How much a Hypnotherapist earns in India?

  • Average Salary for a Hypnotherapist in India is Rs 642,245/yr

  • The average salary of a Hypnotherapist 1-3 years of experience is Rs 461,097/yr

  • At Senior level (8+ years of experience) a Hypnotherapist in India makes Rs 808,081/yr

Source: salary expert

What are the books and study materials available?

  • Monsters and Magical Sticks: There’s No Such Thing as Hypnosis? (Heller and Steele)

  • Trance-formations: Neurolinguistic Programming and the Structure of Hypnosis (Bandler and Grinder)

  • The Collected Papers of Milton H. Erickson (4 Volumes by M.H. Erickson MD.)

  • My Voice Will Go With You: The Teaching Tales of Milton H. Erickson (Edited and with commentary by Sidney Rosen)

  • Transforming Therapy: A New Approach to Hypnotherapy (Gil Boyne)

  • Mesmerism in India  (James Esdaile)

  • The Wizard From Vienna: Franz Anton Mesmer (Vincent Buranelli)

Interesting Facts

Franz Mesmer is known as the Father of Hypnosis.