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Food Stylist

Who is a Food stylist?

A Food stylist is also known as the Culinary Art Specialist works in conjunction with a photographer in the right position, arrangement, and garnishing of food to make it visually appealing to the audience.

What does a food stylist do?

A food stylist has a thorough understanding of the camera's positioning and the cuisine which will be put in the presentation.

The stylist is responsible for cooking food which is not prepared for the edible purpose and arrange it in an aesthetic setting for photographs which will be featured in magazines, televisions and other media outlets.

What are the skills required?

The role of a food stylist requires you to have extensive knowledge of Culinary Art and beverages. To become a successful food stylist you will need the following skills:

  • Practical Cooking skills

  • Creativity.

  • Confidence in one's ability.

  • Eye for detail

  • Innovation

How to Become a Food Stylist in India?

To become a food stylist we recommend a Bachelor's degree or a diploma in Hospitality Sector, and to get selected for major Hospitality Management Institutes you need to pass an admission test. Many students in India are choosing hospitality management as their preferred higher education in India. The admission test will consist of aptitude and general knowledge examinations.

Alternatively, if you believe in your skill, you can market yourself as an individual food stylist. You would require to create a portfolio of your food art skills and market it on social media, to restaurants etc.

Top colleges offering courses on food stylist in India

The top colleges that offer a degree in Hospitality Management in India are:

  • Indira Gandhi Open University, Delhi

  • International Institute of Hotel Management, Kolkata

  • National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Noida

  • APG Shimla University, Shimla

    • Food Stylist is not only limited to Food Packaging, Ad Film, and Print Advertisement but is a vast field with many opportunities like Cookbooks, Magazines, Hotels, and restaurants. 

    • Food stylist who has a hospitality management degree is recruited by food processing companies, food research laboratories, restaurants, television shows, and other catering industries.

    • They might also want to work in a five-star hotel as a chef for a few years to hone your skills and learn garnishing and plating before becoming a food stylist.

    • A hotel management degree gives you a plethora of options from hotels to airlines catering to choose from.

You may access to 9CC’s Hotel Management Colleges Recommendation List for applying to the best.

What is the Career Scope for a Food Stylist in India?

  • The hospitality industry has been growing at a staggering rate. Major food chains, restaurants, and five-star hotels are opening all over India.

  • Several food stylists are working closely with book publishers, magazines and advertising agencies.

  • Many publisher houses with cookbook publishing expertise have in-house food stylists. During the initial stages, the remuneration might not be up to the mark but an experienced food stylist can expect a healthy recompense.

A food stylist usually starts as a Chef or junior cook. They are employed in kitchens of different fine dining establishments from hotels to various restaurants. The various positions that one can be employed are:

  • Chef

  • Food Stylist

  • Catering Supervisor

  • Sous Chef

  • Executive Chef

What is the average salary of a Food Stylist?

A beginner food stylist who is new in the industry can earn an average of Rs 24,000 a month after bonus and other compensations. While an experienced chef with years of experience under their belt can earn an average of Rs 40,000 a month. The estimates given are according to payscale.

What are the books and study materials available?

A food stylist needs to have a thorough knowledge and practical skills. The stylist has to know camera positions, culinary essentials, and practical cookery. So, if you want food styling then you have to be dedicated and knowledgeable about the essential culinary arts. The books that will help to guide you are:

  • The Food Styling Handbook, Denis Vivaldo

  • The New Art of Cooking, Frankie Unsworth

  • Indian Cookery Course, Monisha Bhardwaj

  • Masterchef India, Vikas Khanna

Major Recruiters

After completing Culinary Arts, students have the option to join Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, airlines, railways and the catering industry. Before joining, research and have the right career guidance so that you can choose what suits you the best.

Many students are opting for food stylists as their preferred higher education in India because the food consumption pattern in India is increasing with economic growth. Many new multinational food chains are coming to India and they are heavily recruiting students from Culinary backgrounds. The major recruiters for food stylists are:

  • ITC

  • Taj

  • Adani Wilmar

  • McDonald's

  • Amul Mother Dairy

  • Brittania

  • Future Group

Interesting Facts

The food which is prepared by a food stylist might look appealing but is not always edible. This is because coloring and other substances are used which increases the visual appearance of the dish.