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Food Packaging Manager

Who is a Food Packaging Manager?

A food packaging manager is a professional who observes, researches, and analyzes the line of packaging methods to improve and implement significant and scientific procedures. So, the course of food packaging is an essential platform if you want to become a food packaging manager.

What does a Food Packaging Manager do?

A Food Packaging Manager handles the work regarding food packaging technology. Food packaging technology considers the balance between food protection and other segments related to the food packaging industry.

The success of the food packaging industry depends on the cost-effective way of food packaging satisfying the consumer demand and business requirement including proper safety of the food and minimization of environmental impact. A Food Packaging Manager supervises to qualify the productivity and to assess the issues raised on the production floor.

What are the skills required?

Adequate knowledge related to food packaging is a major requirement for being a Food Packaging Manager. Presently, the food packaging course is an important option. If you want to get admission in this course, you will have an educational degree of Graduation, Post-Graduation, or PhD. This course is completely professional and related to industry-based jobs.

You can get the right guidance after joining an institute for food packaging courses. The essential skills to be a Food Packaging Manager are as follows.

  • Powerful leadership skill

  • Knowledge of food safety regulation at the level of national as well as regional

  • Comprehensive knowledge to understand the technology of high-quality packaging procedure

  • Knowledge of basic budgeting

What is the Career Scope for a Food Packaging Manage in India?

By joining the course for food packaging under a reputed institution you can get many job opportunities in different fields. There are different types of companies who employ Food Packaging Manager and these companies are:

  • Dairy processing company

  • The production company of bakery and confectionery goods

  • Distributors and manufacturers of soft drinks

  • Vegetable processing company

  • Sugar manufacturing company

  • The manufacturing company of flour, snack food, cereal, and pasta

  • Brewers, distilleries, and winemaker company

  • Manufacturers of vegetable oil

What are the Books and study material available?

By choosing the right platform you can join the food packaging course. Some of the available books and study materials are as follows.

  • Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology

  • Plastics Packaging – published by Hanser and written by John D. Culter, Ruben J. Hernandez, and Susan E.M. Selke

  • Packaging Innovation Books – Mr Sandeep Kumar Goyal (writer)

Who are the Major recruiters?

The major recruiters of Food Packaging Manager are:

  • Dover Corporation in Karnataka

  • Absolute Foods Pvt. Ltd. In Haryana

  • Forret India Pvt. Ltd.

  • SG Analytics in Maharashtra

How much does a Food Packaging Manager make?

Types of jobs and annual salaries are as follows.

  • District Sales & Services Coordinator – Rs 1,00,000 – Rs 1,25,000 (annual)

  • Production Manager – Rs.25,000 (monthly)

  • Warehouse Manager – Rs.2.4 lacs (annual)

  • Sales Manager – Rs.33,334 (monthly)

Top Colleges offering courses on Food Packaging

There are many institutes where you can get a certified degree for food packaging course and they provide proper guidance to get your desired job. Some of these institutes are as follows.

  • IIP (Indian Institute of Packaging) is one of the best institutes of food packaging under the Government of India. They offer different types of courses for food packaging such as PGDP (full time two years post-graduate diploma course for food packaging), full time three months certificate course, and six months distance education program for food packaging.

  • School of packaging under Michigan State University offers a Bachelor of Science degree, Master of Science degree, and a PhD degree in food packaging.

  • Clemson University in the U.S. offers Bachelor's, Master's, and also Doctorate in food packaging science.

  • Rochester Institute of Technology offers an interdisciplinary degree in food packaging science. It was established in 1972.

Interesting facts

  • Using paper for food packaging is continuing in China since the early time of the second century BCE.

  • You can keep fruits fresh for 48 hours to 72 hours by storing in cardboard trays.