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Who is an Electrician?

An Electrician is a specialist who fixes any kind of electrical appliances. A skilled Electrician is required to deal with any breakdown in the electrical framework because dealing with power-related issues without having any knowledge could be risky.

What does an Electrician do?

It is an occupation which brims with hazard, but electricians are consistently sought after on account of the surge of development of structures and houses. An Electrician's job profile includes –

  • Installing and examining wiring frameworks

  • Fixing electrical issues by displacing defective parts

  • Fan and bulb fixtures, generators, electric motors, etc.

  • Troubleshooting electrical issues

What are the skills required?

  • Must be physically fit

  • Great eye-hand coordination and manual aptitude

  • Ability to recognize electrical wires by colour

  • Skills to make sense of the reason for issues and the most ideal approach to fix them

How to Become an Electrician in India?

  • Formal education is not necessary to build a career as an Electrician, as long as you have in-depth knowledge about electrical circuits and the fundamental functioning of electrical goods.

  • In any case, most private/public organizations offer opportunities to individuals who have undergone professional courses/training.

To fill in as an electrical specialist in any government/private sector organization, you have to undergo an electrician course in any Industrial Training Institute (ITI). There are numerous private and government ITIs promoting higher education in India, situated in practically all parts of the country. Here is a list of some of the top training institutes.

Top private institutes offering Electrician course in India

  • Salboni ITI, West Bengal
  • Centurion ITC, Odisha
  • Birla Technical Private ITI, Rajasthan
  • Ramco Private ITI, Tamil Nadu
  • Shri Ramakrishna Dalmia Private ITI, Tamil Nadu

Top government institutes

  • Government ITI in Delhi
  • Government ITI in Odisha
  • Government ITI in Bihar
  • Government ITI in Uttar Pradesh
  • Government ITI in Tamil Nadu
  • Government ITI in Gujarat
  • Govt ITI, West Bengal
  • Government ITI, Uttar Pradesh
  • Government ITI, Tamil Nadu
  • Government ITI (Women), Tamil Nadu
  • ITI, Gujarat

To undergo training in any of these institutes, you need to clear the 10th exam, which is the minimum educational qualification. Most of these institutes will provide merit-based admission or direct admission with the first-cum-first basis. The duration of the training/course can be 1-2 years. The course syllabus will cover both trade theory and practical.

You can also get lateral entry to a polytechnic diploma course through entrance test VOCLET or other tests for some states. By following through the information on this leading platform for higher education in India, you'll acquire ample knowledge on which path to go for and become what you are.

What is the Career Scope of an Electrician in India?

After your diploma course/training, you can begin as an apprentice under an accomplished electrical technician or a reputed organization. If you are a skilled Electrician then you'll gain access to countless opportunities in the regions of electrical manufacturing companies, power industries, medical and engineering fields, and so on.

You can write the All India Trade Tests conducted by the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) and earn National Trade Certificates. If you want to work in the government/public sector, there are great openings in the power department, airports, railways, Indian oil organizations, and so forth. You can get a job with any of the following roles –

  • Electrician

  • Lineman

  • Wireman

  • Technician

  • Repair expert

  • Supervisor

If you have gained enough experience then you can also choose to work independently. You can fire up your own business and become an electrical contractor if you gather adequate capital alongside an Electrician license.

How much does an Electrician make?

  • Average Salary for a Electrician  in India is Rs 234,684/yr

  • Average salary of an Electrician with less than 1 year experience is Rs 197,504/yr

  • Average salary of an Electrician with 1-4 years of experience is Rs 204,296/yr

  • At Senior level (5-9 years of experience) Electrician in India makes Rs 260,652/yr

  • And with 10-19 years of experience, an electrician makes Rs 297,348/yr

What are the Books and study material available?

  • NSQF (Level 5) Electrician Theory – Arihant Publishers

  • National Instructional of Media Institute (NIMI) – e-books/pdfs

  • Solve old question papers

  • Practise Workshop Calculation and Science as well as Engineering Drawing

  • Keep yourself updated with Social Studies

Major recruiters

  • Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE)

  • State electricity boards

  • PWDs

  • PSUs

  • MNCs

  • Self-employment

  • Urban Ladder

Interesting facts

Benjamin Franklin can be considered as the first Electrician in history.