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Corporate Trainer

Who is a Corporate Trainer?

A corporate trainer is one who guides, teaches, and helps develop staff in a company professionally. A successful corporate trainer provides stimulating, informative training for individuals as well as groups, helping in the assessment and monitoring of the performance of trainees.

What does a Corporate Trainer do?

A corporate trainer must be able to effectively use a variety of techniques such as slide decks, projectors and technology-based assessment tools. 

  • Formulate training curricula through training needs identification after discussing with supervisors. 

  • Create, make revisions to, and deliver training to employees using several channels such as classrooms, intranet and the web.

  • Get the rooms and in-person training materials ready.

  • Monitor metrics relating to attendance in training sessions, satisfaction with training, and usage of training.

  • Be involved in identifying and assessing training materials as well as courses from external sources.

Who is eligible to become a Corporate Trainer?

Anyone who has passed 12th in any stream can become a corporate trainer.

What are the skills required?

Delivering a training session is no small task and the following skills go a long way in making an effective corporate trainer:

  • Organisational skills

  • Good interpersonal and communication skills

  • Willingness to learn

  • Time management capabilities

  • Adaptability

  • Confidence

  • Technological knowledge of useful training tools and course design 

  • Collaboration skills

Courses on Corporate Training

With some career counselling and career guidance from the leading platform for higher education, you can become what you are. Corporate training certification is offered by some institutions for higher education in India as well as firms. Corporate training certification is offered by several Training and Consulting firms such as Indian Society of Training & Development (ISTD) and institutions for higher education in India like XLRI in Jamshedpur. The following certifications are made available by different institutions:

  • Certificate Course in Corporate Training Program 

  • Corporate Training (Correspondence / Distance Education)

  • Corporate Training 

  • Diploma in Public Relations and Corporate Communication

  • MBA in Corporate Management 

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Communication (PGDCC)

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Communication and Event Management 

Career scope

At the entry-level, one may work as an assistant trainer, with greater scope for progressing with a Master's degree or graduation in education, business administration, Human Resources, or other related disciplines. Trainers may work for a specialist-training firm, corporate training firm or even as an independent consultant, freelancer, contract employee, or even be self – employed.  

Generally, the career path for a corporate trainer is as follows: 

  • In-house Corporate Trainer – this role offers new employees with a learning experience, where they can also develop remedial programs for employees not meeting company expectations. 

  • Deployment Training Specialists are responsible for developing and improving customer training programs for delivery on a central campus / through distance learning. 

  • Specialized Subject Area Trainer – such a trainer will focus on a specialized area like productivity, time management, interpersonal communication, or sales to meet a training need.

  • Executive Coach will focus on assisting clients in making decisions and guide companies in improving their bottom lines. 

How much does a Corporate Trainer make?

Remuneration for a corporate trainer is based on their experience, locality, and type of engagement. ?454,904 is the average salary for a Corporate Trainer in India. A Corporate Trainer at the entry-level with work experience of less than 1 year can expect Rs 2,54,341. In the late-career with 20 years or more of work experience, a corporate trainer may earn up to Rs 1,748,571. Commissions, bonuses, and profit-sharing are also offered by companies in addition to salary.

What are the books and study material available?

There are no specific books/study materials per se but areas usually covered in such courses include workplace training skills, assessments, human resources, business development, public relations skills, capability management, business administration, company-specific terminology, strategic operational and planning processes. Knowledge of foreign languages can also be particularly helpful for multinational companies. 

Major recruiters

Apart from companies like Accenture, Wipro and Cognizant, other companies in India that offer corporate training and recruit trainers are:

  • Centum Learning 

  • Step consulting

  • Infinity Fast

  • Dale Carnegie

  • Futurz

  • Shradha HRD

  • Coalesce


  • Mavraac 

Interesting facts

India’s spending on corporate training is less than 2% of employee spending while many developed nations spend between 10 to 15%. If India, as estimated by the IMF, is to become the 3rd largest economy (GDP) by 2030, it’s crucial that at least 100 Indian corporate giants are in the Fortune 500 list. The demand for a more skilled workforce necessitates the growth of the country’s corporate training sector.