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Corporate Intelligence

What is corporate intelligence?

  • Corporate intelligence is also known as Business intelligence or competitive intelligence is a new buzzword in the corporate world today. 

  • In a regulated business environment, branding needs extra attention as competition is quite high. 

  • Brand reputation depends on several factors and brand reputation is important for the expansion of the business. This is where corporate intelligence becomes important. 

  • Corporate intelligence is all about accumulation and analysis of information to get to the facts that help in informed decision making.

Who is eligible for the course?

Anyone with a 10 + 2 certification is eligible for the course.

What does an expert as corporate intelligence do?

  • An expert in corporate intelligence or business intelligence takes cognizance of different kinds of data from different sections of the business like marketing, finance, supply chain, and human resource to keep the top management or primary decision-makers of the organization informed.

  • An expert updates the organisation about the latest development and changes in the industry and corporate world as a whole. 

What kinds of courses on corporate intelligence are available? 

There are different kinds of beginner and advanced level certificate courses available in this domain. 

  • Certificate Program in Business Analytics 

  • Business Analytics & Intelligence program

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics

  • Masters of Business Analytics (professional)

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science

Where can one study corporate intelligence/Business intelligence/competitive intelligence?

  • Amity Institute of Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Management

  • Indian School of Business 

  • IIM Bangalore

  • IIM Calcutta

  • IIM Ahmedabad

  • Woxsen School of Business

What is taught?

Following are the common subjects taught in corporate intelligence courses:

  • Business intelligence

  • Business intelligence tools and their applications

  • Business analytics

  • Data warehousing

  • Big data use and analysis

  • Data modelling

What are the job profiles in corporate intelligence?

An expert in this domain can get jobs of the following profiles: 

  • Competitive intelligence analyst 

  • Competitive intelligence strategist

  • Marketing strategist 

  • Business analyst

  • Intelligence analyst

  • Knowledge management expert 

  • Business development manager

  • Corporate strategist 

What is the earning capacity of a corporate intelligence professional?

  • The average salary in India for a beginner is Rs. 373,437

  • The average salary at mid-career is Rs. 513,265 

  • The average salary with an experience of more than 6 years is Rs. 806,324

  • The average salary with an experience of more than 10 years is Rs. 1,268,689

Salaries are per annum

Who are the top recruiters in this domain?

Following are the top recruiters in this domain:

  • Mphasis

  • Crescendo

  • Biocon

  • Gartner

  • Zydus

  • Abbott

  • Tata Steel

  • CMS

  • Accenture

  • SG Analytics

Books and Study Material available for this course:

  • Data interpretation & data sufficiency by Ananta Ashish

  • logical reasoning and data interpretation for CAT

  • Wiley’s ExamXpert

  • Wiley’s Fundamentals of Business Analytics

  •  Marketing Management by Keven Lane

  • online study material

  • online examination portals

Interesting facts

  • Data mismanagement causes the business and government almost $3.00 trillion in the USA alone. 

  • It is estimated that just a 10% increase in data accessibility will result in $65 million additional net earning for a Fortune 1000 company.