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Education Counselor

Who is an Educational Counsellor?

  • A person who is responsible for assisting and giving leadership and guidance to the students.

  • They do their work through the monitoring of students and helping them with important tactics for their overall development.

  • Counsellors are professionals who are educated and trained in the subject of psychology and therapy.

 What do they do?

  • The work is divided into two halves. The first part is to look after the academic performance of the students. And the next and most important work is to look after the issues that affect the performance of the students at school and their life.

  • They act as an intermediary between the students and their professors or teachers.

Where can one study this course?

Best Institutions offering Education Counseling course in India

  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences

  • Delhi University, Delhi.

  • Punjab University, Chandigarh.

  • Ambedkar University, Delhi.

  • Ashoka University, Sonepat.

Popular colleges offering Education counselling course in India

  • Indraprastha College of Women, New Delhi.

  • National Post Graduate College, Lucknow.

  • Banasthali University, Lucknow.

  • Mithibai College of Arts, Mumbai.

  • Amity University, Lucknow.

What are the specializations?

The following specializations are open after doing a BA or B.Sc degree in Counseling.

  • Master of Arts in counselling.

  • Master of Education in Counseling.

  • Master of Social Work.

  • Master of Science in Counseling Psychology.

What are the job opportunities after acquiring a degree?

This is a very rapidly growing field because of the vast demand of the counsellors.

After completing the degree the students may -

  • Students can go for a Masters Degree in this field.
  • Or they can appear for NET or PhD.

They can work as:

  • Elementary School Counsellor.

  • Middle School Counsellor.

  • Health Counsellor.

  • Marriage Counsellor.

  • Rehabilitation Counsellor.

What is the expected salary?

  • Average early career salary, with an experience of a year or below is Rs 247,399/yr

  • Average mid-career salary, with 1-4 years of experience is Rs 290,074/yr

  • The average salary of senior professionals with 5-9 years of work experience is Rs 475,000/yr

  • Average salary with 10-19 experience is Rs 330,000/yr

Who are top recruiters in this field?

Following are the top recruiters of this field.

  • British Council

  • Schools

  • Private Institutes

  • Colleges

  • Universities

  • Health Industry

  • Non-Government Organisations

What are the growth prospects of a BA or B.Sc?

  • After completing B.Sc or BA, students can opt for masters and PhD in this field.

  • Student's may appear for the entrance exams of central Universities for their master's.

  • One can go for JRF or NET.

  • Or, they may opt for research in counselling psychology.

What kind of books and study materials are available for the entrance exam?

  • Mock test series available online.

  • Previous years question papers.

  • BA or BSc level Counseling Psychology syllabus.

Some popular books are as follows -

  • Intro. to Psychology by Robert Baron.

  • NCERT Book of 11 and 12 Psychology.

  • Abnormal Psychology by Carson and Butcher.

  • Organizational Behavior by Greenberg and Beron.

Interesting facts

The Indian education system is the third-largest system in the world in terms of High Education, with more than 652 technical and non-technical universities.