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Air Traffic Controller

Who is an Air Traffic Controller?

Air Traffic Controller is responsible to manage the flow of air machines in the sky, be it flight, Airbus or any other planes. They coordinate the movement of aircraft so that they maintain a safe distance.

What does an Air Traffic Controller do?

Air Traffic controllers work in various control towers, approach control facilities or route centres. They manage the entire flow of aircraft into and out of the airspace, guides pilot during takeoff and landing and are responsible for monitoring aircraft as they are travelling through the sky.

What are the skills required?

Air traffic controllers are required to give clear, concise instructions and carefully listen to the pilot's request and respond in clear and precise English. The skills that are required by an Air Traffic Controller are:

  • Communication skills

  • Concentration skills

  • Decision-making skills

  • Math Skills

  • Problem Solving Skills

Top colleges offering courses on Air Traffic controlling.

If you wish to become an Air traffic controller, you need to have an engineering degree in Electronics/Radio Engineering/Electrical or Master's Degree in electronics, telecom, or radio physics. If you have the required criteria then air traffic controlling can be a great career. 

General physical fitness is mandatory with good eyesight. You need to be free of diseases that hamper normal functions and be healthy. So, keeping all the criteria in mind, you need to have the proper career guidance so that you can choose the best field for higher education. We have listed the top colleges offering courses on Air Traffic Control:

  • Civil Aviation Training College, Allahabad

  • Area Control Training Center, Hyderabad

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

  • Amity University Noida, Noida

Career Scope

Airport Authority of India(AAI) is one of the major recruiters of Airport traffic controllers. AAI is a public sector undertaking(PSU) under the branch of Ministry of Civil Aviation; Government of India. The Airport traffic controllers are given the post of Junior Executive during training. Only Indian nationals are allowed to apply with a Bachelor's in Science. Visit Airport Authority of India to know more about recruitment. So, an air traffic controller is a preferred field for many students who are interested in aviation

Air Traffic controller gets attractive remuneration and incentives which includes contributory provident fund, pharmaceutical facilities, gratuity, and free or discounted air passage. They are also provided with a range of facilities which extends to their immediate family member. The salaries of air traffic controllers increase as they complete the successive levels in training. The hierarchy of air traffic management is as follows:

  • Junior Executive

  • Assistant Manager

  • Manager

  • Senior Manager

  • Assistant General Manager

  • Deputy General Manager

  • Joint General Manager

  • General Manager

How much does an Air Traffic Controller make?

An entry-level Air traffic Controller with less than a year of experience makes an average of Rs 41,000 per month. An air-traffic controller with more than four years of experience earns an average of Rs 50,000/mth. And, an air traffic controller with more than nine years of experience earns an average of Rs 91,605/mth. The estimates given are according to payscale

What are the books and study materials available?

The role of an Air Traffic Controller requires sound knowledge in Science and Engineering. We have compiled a list of books to help you build the necessary foundation:

  • Airports Authority of India Manager

  • Airports Authority of India Junior Executive

  • Airports Authority of Junior Executive Recruitment Exam Guide

  • Air Traffic Control Test Prep Guide

Major Recruiters

The recruitment of an Air Traffic Controller is usually undertaken by the Airport Authority of India. They conduct recruitment for ATC at regular intervals and the recruitment process is based on written tests, speaking skills and followed by personal interviews.

  • Airport Authority of India

Airport Authority of India is the sole recruiter for air traffic controller in India and is responsible to impart training to new recruits. They send the recruits to various locations all across India after successful completion of their training.

Interesting fact

An air traffic controller works for a part of the night and then takes rest or sleeps in a bedroom which is very near to the operations tower. Air traffic controller needs to be very alert, so they are not allowed to work more than 2 hours at a stretch.