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Wine Connoisseur

Who is a Wine Connoisseur?

A wine connoisseur is a person who has a deep knowledge of the subject of wine. which goes beyond knowing how to taste wine or having a deep appreciation. It is a profound understanding of the beverage. Yes, this is as sophisticated and fancy as it sounds. Pretty cool for a job if you like wine. Even better if you love wine.

So what do they do?

A wine connoisseur understands the chemistry of wine. They have an elevated sense of taste. Restaurants need these elevated individuals to improve on their offerings.

Let's say there's a restaurant owner. And all wines taste bad to them. He/She still needs to figure out the right wines and wrong wines. Right? So that's where the wine connoisseur comes to the rescue. Wine connoisseurs make sure that the experience of drinking wine is nice for those who understand it. So for customers of elevated taste, we seek suggestions from connoisseurs. For special requests and demands, a wine connoisseur also recommends a selection of wine to the customers of the restaurant.

What is the eligibility to become a Wine Connoisseur?

A person need not have a formal degree to study wine. You're eligible if you drank a lot of wine, and different types of it and have deep knowledge on the subject of wine, you can choose to become a Wine Connoisseur.

How to Become a Wine Connoisseur in India?

Although, there are courses available in the market teaching ‘How to Become a Wine Connoisseur’. More than formal education, becoming a wine connoisseur is something of an acquired taste. The following links describe how the ways to become a wine connoisseur.

How to Become a Wine Connoisseur (with Pictures)

9 Steps to Becoming a Wine Expert

How does one become a (professional) wine connoisseur?

How much does a Wine Connoisseur make?

Although the scope of wine in India isn’t as diverse as it is outside, still wine connoisseurs make a lot of money. There's plenty of wine tasting sessions in metro cities. Workshops and whatnots. It's a growing profession.

Interesting Facts
There is 389 Master of Wine working in 30 countries. Sonal Holland is the first Master of wine to qualify from India. Find out more about her and learn here.