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Web Developer

Web Developer

There is a constant development of the Internet and need to create more web developers. There is plenty of time and opportunity to start a new career in this constantly evolving market. Once you become a Web Developer, the benefits outweigh the cost of time and energy. Regardless of work from home or office, it is an amazing industry with unlimited possibilities.

  • Given the demand, web developers find jobs in companies of all sizes and industries.

  • Small businesses offer benefits such as greater flexibility, growth potential and the opportunity to learn about different aspects of the business.

  • Developers looking for advanced positions usually find the most opportunities in these areas computer systems, information services, consulting, business management, advertising and public relations

What Does A Web Developer Do?

  • Web developers work as freelancers or with corporate teams to create websites.

  • Developers can also become webmasters of the site and provide maintenance, updates and troubleshooting when needed.

  • Novice developers can choose and understand the steps required for this career. Read on to learn more about the programmer's daily tasks and skills, available career resources, and payroll information.

  • You may have thought about learning a programming language or two to become a programmer.

The training depends on the approach and type of work in which they work. Many employers want developers to understand programming languages. Popularly people learn JavaScript or SQL and have knowledge of multimedia publishing tools, such as Flash. During their careers, web developers must be up to date with new computer tools and languages.

Proficiency of Java is an important part of what a web developer is. It is an old language and popular in many different programming applications. Java creates responsive, scalable web applications for fast and quick web design.

Coding is the major task and specialists must understand programming languages.

HTML5: HTML5 is the latest version of the HTML standard. It serves as a markup language for structuring content on the Internet. Web developers use HTML5 to build basic website rules, including formatting content as paragraphs, headers, lists, links, or other types of elements.

What is the scope of web development in India?

  • The increasing use of mobile devices leads to increased demand for web developers.

  • Instead of designing a website for a desktop computer, programmers need to create websites that run on mobile devices with many different screen sizes, which leads to more work. Because websites can be created from anywhere in the world, some of the work of web developers can be transferred to countries with lower earnings.

  • You can use your skills to create your own websites and web applications.

  • Working as a freelancer or starting your own business is much easier if you know web development.

  • Most technology startups need internet programmers, so you can put your foot in the door.

How To Become A Web Developer In India?

Eligibility (All Streams But Preferably Science)

In theory, anybody can become a web developer however most people who choose this career to have a background in computer science. You have to know coding languages which most people from other streams do not have the prerogative to learn.

Most programmers use Java or HTML to create a web page component. You create small sections of code that make your website

  • Responsive

  • Interactive And

  • Attractive To Visitors.

JavaScript video tutorials teach the basics of the language and how to use it over an hour of video lectures. Interactive tutorials take a closer look at JavaScript usage, syntax and functions.

By following tutorials, you'll become a professional programmer.

Make sure you start building real projects and applying for a job as soon as possible.

Designs and web applications are the best way to show a company that you can contribute to.

Besides developing programming skills and hard skills, programmers should develop soft skills. This helps them to successfully secure and complete their work. Developers often work remotely and independently. They have to conduct quality control and management of their own projects. Multitasking increases efficiency for web developers working on multiple projects under tight deadlines.

How to become a web developer? (Hindi)

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Web Developer career in India (in Hindi) 

Top Institutes In India Offering Web Development Course

It is crucial and vital for an individual to have knowledge of coding languages. Following are the institutes that provide the best training for coding languages 

Coding Ninjas: Practice & Learn Coding Online at India's Best Coding Courses

Coding Blocks: Best programming Courses in Delhi-NCR

How much do Web Developers earn in India?

The computer system design industry employs the most website developers. Many of them operate in information services, advertising, management and consulting. The data management industry has the highest earnings for web developers. Successful freelancers have great earning potential, which is why many follow this path.

In Tier 1 cities, Web Developers earn salaries on average of up to Rs 5 lakhs per year. This ceiling drops to Rs 4 lakhs if you’re a Web Developer in a non-metro city.

  • Average Salary for a Web Developer in India is Rs 307,101/yr

  • The average salary of a Web Developer with less than 1 year of experience is Rs 222,993/yr

  • The average salary of a Web Developer 1-4 years of experience is Rs 303,192/yr

  • At Senior level (5-9 years of experience) Web Developer in India makes Rs 603,178/yr

  • And with 10-19 years of experience, Web Developer  in India makes Rs 1,005,397 /yr

Source: Payscale

What are the study materials available?

  • Web Designing and Development: Training Guide by Satish Jain

  • HTML5 & CSS3 For Beginners: Your Guide To Easily Learn HTML5 & CSS3 Programming in 7 Days by iCode Academy

  • Comdex Multimedia and Web Design Course Kit: Hindi by Vikas Gupta

  • Thinking in HTML by Aravind Shenoy

  • Web Designing by Hirdesh Bhardwaj

Interesting Facts

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