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Technical Supervisor

Who is a Technical Supervisor?

The role of a technical supervisor requires controlling operations of the business and managing a team of workers at the client sites. It is typically a management or supervision role that serves to improve processes to meet the requirements.

What does a Technical Supervisor Do?

Technical Supervisors oversee all kinds of works related to manufacturing, information technology, telecommunications, engineering, and architecture. Besides this, they are also responsible for training staff members, validating their work performance, analyzing errors, and resolving problems.

What are the Skills Required?

Sound leadership skills are the core competencies of a technical supervisor. They must be capable of managing and supervising a team of technicians by making sure the processes are efficient, and the tools are in proper condition. Additionally, they must also ensure that quality isn't compromised, and the machines are running smoothly.

But the responsibilities of a technical supervisor don't end there. The ideal supervisor is also accountable for hiring technicians and for making hiring recommendations. Also, the technical supervisor helps evaluate the performance of technicians and makes recommendations to the manager.

So, technical supervisors should possess a host of skills in addition to leadership qualities, including the ability to multitask and handle several projects at once, and the knack of providing training to junior technicians.

Generally speaking, these set of skills are a must-have for technical supervisors:

  • Time Management

Time management is an important skill to have, not just for technical supervisors, but for any other professionals as well. It is critical to be successful in any organization. So, a technical supervisor should also have great time management skills.

  • Technical Skills

Technical supervisors deal with complex technical concepts. So, they need to have sound technical skills to deal with everyday tasks. Additionally, they must also have the ability to guide other technicians with the help of this knowledge.

  • Communication Skills

A technical supervisor should guide and train other junior technicians. So, they need to have excellent communication skills. It ensures the messages are delivered effectively.

  • Judgmental Skills

In addition to having excellent communication skills, technical supervisors should also be equipped with sound judgemental skills so that they can judge the situation and make decisions accordingly.

Top colleges offering courses for technical supervisors

There are plenty of colleges and universities for aspirants who want to pursue technical supervisor courses. The following are the best universities among them:

  • SRM University

  • Pacific University, Udaipur

  • Alliance University, Bangalore

  • Amity University

What is the career scope for technical supervisors in India?

  • Several industries hire technical supervisors, including engineering and the medical industries. There is much scope for career growth in these sectors.

  • While most supervisors start as junior technicians, they can move up the ladder to become senior technical supervisors, service managers, and project managers.

  • Some supervisors even move on to become owners of their respective companies.

How much does a Technical Supervisor make?

According to Indeed, technical supervisors command an average pay of INR 19,083 per month.

Also, according to PayScale, technical supervisors make at least INR 341,288 per year.

However, by gaining a good amount of experience, technical supervisors can command higher salaries too. The salary of a technical supervisor also depends on where they are posted and their employers. If they work in a reputed organization, they can surely get higher paychecks. Sometimes, it also depends on their skills.

What are the books and study materials available? 

There are several books and study materials available for the technical supervisor post. Among them, the 'Construction Supervisor I: Passbook Study Guide' by the National Learning Corporation is one of the best aspiring supervisors can get. Other books include:

  • The Supervisor's Companion: A Practical Guide for New Supervisors by Jeanne Thomas Hugg

  • New Supervisor Training by Elaine Beich

  • Supervisor's Training Guide: The How-To Book for New and Experienced Supervisors by Joyce Karnes

  • Management Skills and Leadership Development Courses: How to be a Great Manager and Strong Leader in 10 Lessons by William L Evans

Who are the major recruiters?

  • India International Technical Recruiters

  • Indian Railways Technical Supervisors Association

  • Several other companies from different fields who require the work of a technical supervisor

  • Firms working in IT, engineering, manufacturing, telecommunications, architecture, laboratory and test environments. 

Interesting facts cum Eligibility

The qualification for technical supervisors differs based on the industry they’re working in. While working in the medical field would require a degree in medicine and authorization to perform work in a clinical/lab setting, technical supervisors in mechanical or engineering divisions need only a post-secondary qualification.