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Tea Management

Why Tea Management?

What could be better than tasting awesome teas and getting paid for it? Working as a tea sommelier can be high paying if you get the right opportunity. You can get a starting salary of Rs.50,000 per month in a five-star hotel. Sommelier tests the tea taste. Moreover, they advise tea companies on branding and quality improvements. They come with a good knowledge of cultivation and manufacturing. 

What is work life in Tea Management?

There is a wide range of opportunities after doing diploma or master courses in tea management. Job opportunities in this field include: 

- Tea tasting 

- Research 

- Plantation management 

- Tea brokering 

- Consulting 

- Plantation 

How do I become a tea manager?

Though basic education is usually enough for tea management careers, a degree in Agricultural Science, Botany, Food Sciences, or Horticulture and/or other allied fields does give an advantage. For marketing jobs, naturally, marketing degrees are preferred. 

Personal Attributes- 

- Love and interest in outdoor life. 

- Physical fitness 

- Leadership and communication qualities for dealing with laborers. 

- Initiative taking 

- Tea market sensitivity 

- Topographic and geographic knowledge 

Top colleges in India offering this course:- 

1- Assam Agricultural University 

2- Indian Institute of Plantation Management 

3- Dipras Institute of Professional Studies 

4- The Tea Research Association (TRA), Calcutta 5-?NITM, Darjeeling Tea Research and Management Association 

Job Prospects-

Tea associations and the Tea Board of India are the primary job providers. Job opportunities in this field include: 

- Tea tasting Research, like at the tea research association at Jorhat (Assam) 

- Plantation management 

- Tea brokering 

- Consulting 

- Plantation 

- Processing 

- Auctioning 

- Branding 

- Marketing 

What do I as a Tea Manager Earn?

Trainees earn about Rs. 7,000 and senior professionals about Rs. 25,000 per month. Specialized professionals may earn up to 40,000- 50,000 per month.