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Personal Shopper

Who are Personal Shoppers?

Personal shoppers are people who get hired by celebrities or clothing brands for their stores who help make recommendations, advice and personal suggestion best suited to the advice of their client. In some cases, they also take up the work of buying and delivering the clothes to the celebrities or their stylists. The line between being a personal shopper and a stylist is very thin. Most stylists start by being personal shoppers. 

One way to learn the business is to find a job as a personal shopper. Experts offer seminars and paid consultations for those interested in the industry. Personal shoppers are often turned to other seniors in the supermarket. They are asked for help reading labels or reaching for high shelves.

What do Personal Shoppers Do?

Personal shoppers either accompany celebrities in their shopping process and make recommendations about clothes to them. Personal shoppers work very closely with celebrities and hence know what style suits them, what size suits them and how much they need to spend on clothing. A large part of their job involves making suggestions. 

In most areas, there is a group that needs the most personal purchasing services. Most private shoppers charge an hourly fee for customer service. In rare cases, you can join a company that sells certain products. You can receive a commission on certain products that will help you sell.

Personal shoppers are also directly hired by clothing brands for their stores. In some cases, they are also hired by lifestyle stores in order to choose or design their inventory for sale. 

Personal shoppers mostly work freelance and online.

How can I become a Personal Shopper?

There is no formal education required to be a personal shopper. However, strong experience in specific retail is desirable. 

If you spend more time and money to market yourself, you can stand out from the crowd. In areas targeted at younger audiences, use your site to promote you & your services.

Develop your social media presence through locations such as Facebook and Twitter. These media do part of the job for personal shoppers: build solid customer relationships.

Who recruits Personal Shoppers?

  • Talent management companies 

  • Fashion/cosmetic companies such as Lakme, Almay 

  • Independent fashion designers 

  • Celebrities 

  • Online Shopping companies such as Amazon, Flipkart. 

How much personal shoppers make in India?

It is a job that comes with a lot of perks. If you work full time with a celebrity, you would get to live with and travel with them along with a guaranteed salary that doesn’t stoop below Rs. 70,000 to 80,000 per month. While working with organisations can earn you an average salary of Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 45,000 per month.

Interesting Facts

Puneet Dua is a popular personal shopper for many rich people.