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What do mountaineers do?

A mountaineer is as simple as a person skilful at climbing the steep sides of mountains and can assist and accompany people on treks and other adventure sports-related activities on the mountains. 

There are two main types of mountaineering: expedition type and alpine type.

Alpine style or variations of it are the most common form of mountain climbing today. It is a simple mountain climb without tracing. They are out at extreme altitudes (over 5,000 m), albeit to a lesser extent than expedition-style climbs. It involves technical skills, including anchoring into the rock to climb safely. In some cases, climbers may have to climb many sections of rock to reach the summit. The first climber, called the leader, reaches a point on the rock. They then build an anchor that secures next climbers. For each point, there is a fixed person who creates tension on the rope. This assists to catch a climber in the event of a fall.

How to become a Mountaineer?

On a personal front, you can practice in order to be more prolific as a mountaineer. Here’s what you can do for the beginning. You can start by trekking your nearby hills and mountains and further those activities in order to master a certain type of terrain and weather. There are many institutes that provide proper training for mountaineering. 

There are no real age restrictions to enter the world of mountaineering. People under 16 should definitely be supervised by a qualified adult. The only real obstacle is the need for moderate physical fitness. As the sport progresses and your routes become harder and more sustainable. Mountaineering should never be undertaken without a good understanding of the various aspects.

These may be

  • map reading

  • navigation skills

  • ropework and

  • understanding the mountain weather.

Having the equipment for mountaineering is useful, but not necessary in the beginning. Connect with an experienced friend or acquaintance and show your interest in mountaineering. If you and all your friends are new to the sport, the best thing to do is to book a guide for your first expeditions.

Here's an introductory set of video lessons to start with.

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What after the course?

When you are a certified mountaineer, you can work with the army on multiple rescue operations. You can get recruited by various adventure camps to lead the group into trekking as well as other adventure sports activities. You can also choose the method of freelancing or go down the path of training. By trekking and climbing mountains such as Mt. Everest, you can make the nation proud. 

How much can I earn?

  • Expect to start part-time, and earn Rs. 3.5 lakhs to Rs. 7 lakhs a year.
  • Experienced, full-time workers, however, can make Rs. 21 lakhs or more.
  • Top 11% Professionals earn Rs 28 lakhs or more