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Makeup Artist

Who is a Makeup Artist?

A Makeup Artist uses cosmetics to enhance the beauty of the human body. The artist applies makeup and prosthetics to other actors and models for television, theatre, film, magazines, and the modeling industry.

What does a Makeup Artist do?

There are two main divisions among makeup artists. Cosmetic or fashion artists are responsible for fashion models by making the subject look his or her best under different conditions. Theatrical and film makeup artists are responsible for making the actors look like the characters they will portray and creating other special effects like fantasy creatures, the illusion of blood and so on.


Anyone can become a Makeup Artist if they want to become one. It is purely a course of interest and there are no age or education barriers.

What are the skills required?

The role of a makeup artist requires you to have a thorough knowledge of cosmetics and a tinge of creativity. To become a successful makeup artist you will need the following skills:

  • Good communication and people skills.

  • The ability to take initiative.

  • Flexibility

  • A passion for creativity.

  • Confidence in one's ability.

Top colleges offering courses on Makeup Artistry

If you are looking to pursue Higher education in India then Makeup Artistry is a great option. A good college will give you the right career counseling and guidance and will help you in becoming what you are by giving you the right tools. As of 2020, the makeup and cosmetic industry in India is growing at around 15-20% per annum.

The top colleges offering a diploma in make-up artistry are:

  • Pearl Academy

  • Master Academy of Makeup Arts

  • Glam Skills Academy

  • Chandni Singh Academy

  • Fat Mu pro makeup course, Mumbai

  • Play Academy

  • Jd Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore

The essential requisite of a makeup artist has to be a deep abiding inclination towards cosmetics and the passion to create with them. If you have a zeal to research with diverse cosmetic looks and to examine them out on yourself and your friends then makeup artistry can become a leading platform for your higher education.

A diploma in Makeup artistry will help you attain thorough knowledge of cosmetics and prosthetics. You will also learn various tools and techniques to apply them effectively. A diploma will also ensure that you get recognized and selected for high paying projects. You can choose to become what you are and be excellent at that through the medium of makeup artistry.

Career scope

The entertainment industry is developing at a rapid pace and the demand for makeup artists are on the rise. Advertising, cinema, events, and theatre are industries where grooming and makeup are of utmost importance. So, there are huge vacancies and opportunities for makeup artists all over the glamour industry. You need to have proper career counseling and guidance so that you can do what you love and we have covered makeup artistry extensively for you to make an informed decision.

To become a Makeup artist one does not have to compete at high-level academic courses. You can succeed in this field if you have an interest in cosmetology and you are hardworking and motivated. Makeup artistry is a new field and is chosen by many as the preferred Higher education in India after high school. The makeup industry in India market standing was 6.5 billion USD in 2019 and it might be a leading platform for higher education in India because of the growth of the entertainment industry. The various fields where you can get employed as a makeup artist are:

  • Celebrity Stylist

  • Retail Store Makeup Artistry

  • Theatre Makeup Artist

  • Makeup artist for various events

  • Makeup Artist for films and television

  • Cosmetic Companies

  • Salons and Spas

The average salary of a Makeup Artist?

The average salary of a makeup artist who is just starting out is around Rs 21,000 per month including tips, overtime, and bonuses. A 3-4 year experienced makeup artist earns around Rs 40,000 per month. A top-tier makeup artist with several years of experience under their belt can earn anything between Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 1,60,000.

What are the books and study materials available?

Makeup Artists do not need any formal education, though a diploma gives you much better opportunities. We have compiled a list of books and also youtube channels that can help you build a solid foundation in Makeup Artistry.

  • Makeup Manual by Bobby Brown

  • Makeup Masterclass by Jemma Kid

  • SaraBeautyCorner Youtube

  • Shruti Arjun Anand-Indian YouTuber who teaches makeup

Major recruiters

Makeup Artists are recruited by big cosmetic brands, salons, spa and also fashion brands, television, and the film industry. They can work as beauty therapists, hairstylists, and even skin experts. Some of the big brands that recruits makeup artists are:

  • Loreal

  • Unilever

  • Proctor and Gamble

  • Estee Lauder

  • Spa by Zuri

  • Allen Solly

Interesting facts

Puneet B.Saini did the makeup of Anushka Sharma during her wedding where she gave her face a natural complexion with a luminous finish that complimented her attire. She has been featured in Vogue and many other prominent magazines because of her natural makeup art.