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Life Coach

Who is a Life Coach?

  • A life coach is a trained individual who helps their clients to reach their full potential. As a life coach, you're the bridge between doubt and results. A lot of times, the bridge you gap is emotional and not mental. If you find yourself surrounded by people looking for advice, you're on the right page. 

  • There are no particular spheres in which a life coach works for his client, it is vastly different from consultancy or therapy. A life coach, keeping your goals in mind trains you to reach your goals by devising an actionable plan. 

What Do Life Coaches Do?

  • A life coach enters a professional relationship with a client to counsel him on various personal and professional matters.

  • A life coach isn’t hired haphazardly or without a specific goal in mind, which differentiates it from many other consultancy services and therapy.

  • A life coach is hired when an individual needs help to attain personal goals, metamorphosis or other professional projects.

  • A coach helps you to grow by analyzing your current situation, identifying existing and potential challenges and obstacles you face and devising a custom plan of action designed to help you achieve specific outcomes in your life. 

  • The relationship between the client and the life coach is also a creative one that seeks to identify and clarify a vision for the client, devising a ballistic plan of action for the client to understand and implement.

  • The life coach also directs his energies toward constantly motivating the client. 

This is a career that involves heavy responsibility. This is not your usual commodity like a consultancy service or a therapy.

  • Your clients are moths who are struggling to become butterflies. As a coach, you will help them grow.

  • You analyze the current situation. This involves multi-dimensional thinking, a SWOT analysis, maybe some other test.

  • How it is you identify existing and potential challenges become your brand.

  • The obstacles your clients face need personalized plans of action.

  • The relationship between the client and the life coach is a creative one.

  • You have to identify and clarify a vision for the client.

  • The life coach also directs his energies towards motivating the client.

How To Become A Life Coach?

You do not have to be great at science, arts or commerce. You have to be an influential person. (No, not an influencer). An influential person (Read: Gary Vaynerchuk).

No tests can prove how good you are. Your career is your reputation. Your reputation is your clients’ reputation. Your reputation is how your ideals helped your goals. These goals may not be coaching, it may be your accomplishments. The first step is to find out a specific discipline that you would like to specialize in.

Most people take professional, personal, academic or corporate coaching. You can't advise on areas you have never been the go-to person for. You're not a parent. No institutes teach you to get that influential personality. Your attitude matters. How you communicate with people matters. How you tell your story matters. How you link your success to your marketable ideas matter.

Think about this. If nobody asks you for free advice. There's no possibility you can convince people to pay you for it.

Try to understand your key USPs and figure everything out to help people in situations.

  • This may be something you achieved.

  • Or a platform where you got to appear.

  • This maybe your dark horse story that can make people believe.

If the results are fruitful, you can start and put yourself on the map for top coaches in India, or the world.

Gary Vaynerchuk (a.k.a. Gary Vee) is a LinkedIn Icon. He didn't do this by giving health advice or how to get free Netflix. To consult people on what's good for them, you need to know what's good for you. You need to know where your suggestions best work.

How much a Life Coach makes?

Your credibility decides your worth. Being a life coach if done successfully can provide you with huge sums of money. Arfeen Khan, for example, charges Rs 60, 000 (approx) per week from his clients. One can also start by speaking at conferences in which you are typically paid Rs 4000 to 5000/hr

Life coaches have many options.

  • They can use YouTube.

  • They can use consultancy firms.

  • They can sit at home and bring in the money. (Given, you are that influential).

  • And then there is TedX. TEDx is a life coaching temple. If you're asking yourself this "I give good advice. How do I deliver it?" You can check out some TedX videos.

(Here's our recommendation: How craving attention makes you less creative | Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

What are the skills required?

To become a life coach, you should have a certain aptitude and skills as listed below.

  • Empathy for others (Emotional Intelligence)

  • A deep understanding of human behaviour. (You don't have to read minds, just people.

  • Experience with people. (Remember, finding yourself circling in people asking you for help.)

  • Excellent communication skills. (Yes, the TedX link is up there)

  • Stage presence. (If you help several people at once, the odds that you change lives increase)

  • Deep-rooted willingness to help your client. (Their goals = your goals)

  • Ability to motivate (Good cop? Bad cop? Your call.)

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