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Indian Army

What is the Indian Army?

The Indian Army symbolizes strength and vigour. It is the land-based branch and is the largest part of the Indian Armed Forces. The President is the supreme commander of the Indian Army and is commanded by the Chief of Army Staff who is also a four-star General.

What does the Indian Army do?

The main aim of the Indian Army is to strengthen national security and unity. They are responsible for defending the nation from internal threats as well as external aggression. They are the fundamental keeper of security within borders. They also conduct humanitarian rescues during natural disasters and other disturbances. They are the major component of Indian Armed Forces alongside the Indian Airforce and Indian Navy.

What are the skills required?

The role of an officer in the Indian Army requires dedication, mental and physical vigour. The skills required by an Indian Army are:

  • Intelligence

  • Initiative

  • Speed of decision

  • Self-confidence

  • Group leading capabilities

  • Courage

  • Sense of Responsibility

  • Quick Decision-making ability

Top Army colleges in India

Joining and serving in the Indian Army is a dream to many aspirants. India has various protection preparing establishments to prepare students for military administrations. There are numerous institutes and schools to prepare proficient troopers in methodologies and procedures of the military alongside fighting order, military sciences, and related innovation.

Thus, to become an officer and join the Indian Army, Indian Navy or the Indian Air Force, these are the top defence training institutions in India:

  • Rashtriya Indian Military College

  • College of Defence Management

  • National Defence Academy

  • Officers Training Academy

  • Army Air Defense College

Career scope for Army officers

To be an officer in the Indian army, you need to give exams like NDS, TGC, PC SL, CDS, etc. We have listed the exams that you need to crack to be a part of Indian Army:

National Defence Academy Exam (NDA)

The test is conducted by the UPSC of India and you are eligible to take the test after (10+2).

Combined Defence Services Exam (CDS)

The CDS Exam is conducted by UPSC. Aspirants who are in the final year of graduation or passed out of college are eligible for the exam.

Territorial Army (TA)

The Territorial Army is a part of the Armed Forces and its existing job is to alleviate the Regular Army from daily obligations and help Indian Armed Forces in managing characteristic cataclysms. They are also responsible to support fundamental administrations in circumstances where the safety of the country is undermined and to give units to the Regulars Army as and when needed.

MS Dhoni has been awarded the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Territorial Army

Technical Entry Scheme (TES)

Aspirants who have passed a 10+2 exam with at least a total of 70% aggregate in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics are qualified to apply for the work under the 10+2 Technical Entry Scheme.

NCC (National Special Entry Scheme)

College graduates having NCC 'C' Certificate with at least 'B' grade and have a 50% aggregate in graduation assessment are qualified to administer for the Short Service Commission through a special entry scheme.

Judge Advocate General Entry

Law students with at least 55% total stamps in LLB and within 22 to 26 years old can apply for Judge Advocate General Branch.

Short Service Commission (SSC)

Qualified women are enrolled in the Army as SSC Officers. Women are offered Short Service Commission in three different branches viz. Non-Technical Graduate, Technical and Post Grad/Specialist for a time of fifteen years, service be extended by an extra four years voluntarily.

Army Cadet College Entry (ACC)

After passing in the exam led by the Military Training Camps, the applicants are selected by SSB and then subsequent medical tests are conducted. Those who are selected are prepared at Army Cadet College Wing, Dehradun.

Special Commissioned Officers (SCO)

Candidates who have scored over 50% aggregate in their (10+2) are suitable for continual commission after selection by SSB and subsequent medical exams.

How much does an Indian Army officer make?

Salaries of Indian Army officers after implementation of 7th Pay commision (all payments on monthly basis):

  • Lieutenant Level 10 56,100 – 1,77,500

  • Captain Level 10 B 61,300-1,93,900

  • Major Level 11 69,400 – 2,07,200

  • Lieutenant Colonel Level 12A 1,21,200 – 2,12400

  • Colonel Level 13 1,30,600-2, 15,900

  • Brigadier Level 13A 1,39,600-2,17,600

  • Major General Level 14 1,44,200-2,18,200

  • Lieutenant General HAG Scale Level 15 1, 82, 200-2,24,100

  • HAG+Scale Level 16 2,05,400 – 2,24,400

  • VCOAS/Army Cdr/ Lieutenant General (NFSG) Level 17 2,25,000/-(fixed)

  • COAS Level 18 2,50,000/-(fixed)

Salaries are per month and in INR

What are the books and study materials available?

The books and study materials to become an officer in the Indian Army are as follows:

  • Indian Economy, Ramesh Singh

  • Fundamentals of Indians Geography

  • Indian Polity, Laxmikanth

  • Read important newspapers such as The Hindu and Telegraph for current affairs.

  • Let's Crack SSB Interview

  • General Science & Technology For Civil Services Pt & Mains, State Psc, Cds, Nda, Ssc, & Other Upsc Exams 2nd Edition

  • NDA Study Material Notes 2020-Buy Online Full Syllabus Text Book

  • NDA Correspondence Kit/NDA by MKC Publication

  • Study Material For Nda Entrance Examination With Previous Year Solved Paper, Past Year Solution And Suggestion Paper

  • GENERAL STUDIES PRACTICE BOOK/NDA by MKC Publication Study Package Mathematics NDA & NA (National Defence Academy & Naval Academy) Entrance Exam 2019

  • CDS (OTA): Combined Defence Services Entrance Examination

  • Pathfinder CDS Combined Defence Services Professional And Scholarlyination

  • Mathematics For C.D.S.Entrance Exam.

  • NCERT History Books Set of Class - 6 TO 12 (ENGLISH MEDIUM) for UPSC Prelims / Main / IAS / Civil Services / IFS / IES / ISS / CISF / CDS / SCRA

Interesting Facts 

The Indian Army comprises the largest volunteer force in the entire world.