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Image Consultant

Who is an Image Consultant?

Do you remember a dialogue from Bollywood blockbuster, Rockstar? “Everything is an image, Image is everything.” Building image is extremely necessary to remain relevant or to even grow in the industry. An Image Consultant is a person who guides and helps people improve their image or appearance, etiquette and behaviour, personally and professionally.

What does an Image Consultant do?

As an Image Consultant, you’ll attend to your clients’ needs on a personal and professional level. You are expected to understand and evaluate the needs and goals of your clients and then proceed to guide/mentor them both in appearance and behaviour in order to achieve their goals. You will also help them in matters of communicating and body language as to how they should portray themselves.


Passing class 12 in any stream makes you eligible in this profession. However, it does help create a good rapport with your clients if you have a certified degree in Image Consulting, Marketing, HR, etc. 

What are the skills required?

Before you venture out to become an Image Consultant, there are certain soft skills that you will need to refine in order for you to handle your business professionally and give satisfactory results to your clients. Some of the important skills which will help you in your career as an image consultant are –

  • Have a strong ability to communicate with your clients in order to understand your clients better and accurately.

  • Know how to manage time, people and space. Having strict schedules and knowing your priorities will attract more clients.

  • Have strong sensory skill and knowledge of fashion, hygiene, etiquette, body language and facial expressions.

  • Need to be flexible, confident and build a strong relationship with your clients in order for them to trust you and will also help you bring more clients to you.

  • Have knowledge about marketing in order to market yourself and grow your business.

To become an Image Consultant, you don’t necessarily need academic qualifications/degrees; however, earning yourself a degree in mass communication, fashion, marketing, image consulting, human resource, etc. and an image consultant course from an image consultant business institute will give you more credibility and help you in your career. You can also attend seminars and courses to gain more knowledge and experience.

Top colleges offering courses on Image Consultant

If you are planning to pursue your career as an image consultant, here is a list of institutes offering the courses for an image consultant

  • Indian School of Image Management (ISIM), Mumbai

  • Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI), New Delhi

  • Pearl Academy, New Delhi

  • Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai

  • Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad

Popular colleges offering courses on Image Consultant in India

  • Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune

  • Fashion Image Institute

  • Image Maker Inc.

  • First Impression (a unit of Frankfinn group)

  • Istituti Callegari Milano, Mumbai

Image consultant syllabus may include skill development, colour wheel, customer service, etiquette, marketing, etc.

Career Scope for Image Consultant in India

The demand for image consultants has grown so much over the years even in India because, in this modern era, appearance and personality are taken more into consideration. People from every walks of life are seeking the help of an image consulting company to find ways to market, achieve goals, find jobs, etc. Following are some image consultant jobs  –

  • Fashion Consultant – You can become a wardrobe and fashion consultant if you want to help people choose the right fashion style.

  • Personal Image Consultant – If you want to help individuals build their personality and appearance, you can become a personal image consultant.

  • Executive Consultant – You can become an executive consultant if you want to help and improve the image of the business and corporate companies by helping them to look professional. You will also help your clients in preparing events, speeches, presentations, and to present their business positively.

  • Etiquette Trainer – You can become an etiquette trainer by mentoring your clients on aspects of behaviour, gesture and body language.

  • Soft Skill Trainer – By becoming an image consultant and soft skills trainer, you will help your clients improve their skills in communicating, managing time, being flexible and organised.

Once you become an Image Consultant, you can also either set up your own personal office or work at home.

How much does an Image Consultant make?

An image consultant salary in India is approximately Rs 10,80,000/yr. While a senior fashion consultant earns an average salary of Rs 235,000/yr.

What are the Books and study materials available?

  • First Impressions: What You Don’t Know About How Others See You – Ann Demarais and Valerie White

  • The Triumph of Individual Style – Carla Mathis & Helen Villa Connor

  • Being Truly You – by Angela Marshall

  • Secrets Of A Stylist – Sasha Charnin Morrison

Major recruiters

  • Image Consultant Business Institute (ICBI)

  • Entertainment Industry

  • Business Corporations

  • Universities

  • Real Estate Agencies

  • Lawyers

Interesting facts

In 1964, the movie “My Fair Lady” and “Chhoti Si Baat” in 1974, both the actors played the role of an Image Consultant.