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Emcee / Mic Controller

Who is an Emcee?

The master of ceremonies is the official host of the

  • ceremony,

  • staging,

  • conference,

  • congress or similar performance.

This term is documented in the Catholic Church. Since the fifth century, the master of ceremonies has been an official of the papal court. The MC handles the proper and efficient performance of complex rituals. The term may also refer to a protocol officer during an official state function, especially in monarchies.

The master of ceremonies is used in all kinds of live events to ensure a smooth process and adequate energy.

From Oscars, wedding parties to comedy club shows. You'll find professionals who organize events and engage people as EmCee. There is a reason for this and this is associated with greater audience involvement.

What does an Emcee do?

They warm the crowd, sets the tone of the night, create their own segments and depicts them from the side. Most of the time they are called MC, not the formal master of ceremonies.

As the first person to see the audience, the MC represents the club to the audience. In this role, the MC takes the time to define some house rules and provides extra information if necessary. For example, they can indicate the location of emergency exits and toilets.

Can I become an Emcee?

Being an emcee is a skill-based job and there is no formal institution that provides training or education so as to become a Master of Ceremonies. All you require is a good and appealing stage presence. 

How can I become an Emcee?

Your energy, trust and honesty should match the spirit of the event. Print annotations or outlines in an easy-to-read font. Make sure your words are relevant to the topic and the host company or organization.

Being an emcee is a job where you have to sell yourself. There is no per se resume or a corporate set of reaching out. You get recommended once you start being an emcee. Following links will provide you with things to keep in mind. 

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How much money does an Emcee make?

An experienced Emcee makes about Rs. 20,000 per event while a novice emcee makes around Rs. 2,000 to Rs 5,000 per event. The added benefit of being an emcee is that you can be frequent. The following link will provide valuable insights into the pay scale of being an emcee.