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Data Entry

Who is a Data Entry Clerk/Operator?

A data entry clerk or operator is the person tasked with entering and updating data on a computer system. The data entered is usually present in physical form such as paper documents and needs to be digitized or entered into digital media for easier access.

What does a Data Entry Clerk/Operator do?

  • The work of a data entry clerk/operator entails entering customer/account/research data into a computerized system from source documents within a specific time duration.

  • It is also this individual’s responsibility to sort through the information provided in the documents and compile them for computer entry. They are also required to verify the accuracy of this data and look out for any errors/incompatibilities before proceeding with its entry. 

What are the skills required?

Usually companies that hire for the job role of data entry clerks look for previous experience in the field. Some of the skills which are desired in a data entry clerk are –

  • The ability to type fast and accurately

  • The quality of being attentive to detail

  • Experience in using MS Office and other data programs

  • Good knowledge of grammar, spellings and punctuation

  • Measurable organizational skills

Top colleges offering courses on Data Entry

In India, you will not find any academic courses related to Data Entry. No college or universities teach the subject of Data Entry. Instead, Data Entry is taught as part of vocational training programs. You might apply for a certificate course on Data Entry or choose a diploma program. 

Diploma Colleges for learning Data Entry

  • Industrial Training Institutes (ITI)

  • Polytechnic Colleges

The Central and State government of India holds certification exams which can add on to your profile as a job-seeker in the data-entry sector. 

Certification Exams for Data Entry

  • Delhi DSSSB data entry operator exam

  • SSC data entry operator exam

  • Haryana HSSC data entry operator exam


You are eligible for a data entry job if you have passed your matriculation exam. However, prestigious organizations seek individuals who have completed higher education and have proven typing ability. If you have a computer training certificate or work experience in data entry, your chances of landing a data entry job improve significantly. A few companies also specify an age limit for applicants to data entry jobs.

Career Scope

A data entry operator could open their own computer centre where they provide data entry services or they may choose from the following work profiles –

  • Bank Officer – A bank officer is tasked with performing regular audits for the bank and oversees several aspects related to retail banking. 

  • Accounts Clerk – An accounts clerk works in the accounts department of a company and is required to provide general accounting support to their employer. The job duties of an accounts clerk encompass generating business transaction records, updating credit and bank accounting databases and compiling data to prepare relevant reports on the same.

  • Office Administrator – An office administrator is responsible for extending administrative support to the operations team, supervising clerical staff, performing accounting tasks and overseeing that the company administration is running smoothly.

How much does a Data Entry Operator make?

The average salary for a Data Entry Operator in India who has 1-4 years of experience is Rs. 1,62,783 LPA. A data entry clerk who has industry experience ranging from 5-9 years can expect to earn more, around Rs.1,92,324 LPA. Experienced and senior data entry operators can even receive a salary compensation of approximately Rs.2,39,808LPA

What are the Books and Study material available?

While Data Entry is not considered an academic subject by most, and for this reason, lacks study material or books to help guide individuals seeking a profession in the field, there are a handful of books you may utilize to prepare for your data entry certification exams –

  • SSC Data Entry Operator Exam Guide by RPH Editorial

  • Data Entry Operations Class XII by Neeraj Publications

  • Domestic Data Entry Operator for Class IX by NCERT Publications

Major Recruiters

The following companies are major recruiters for the position of data entry clerk –

  • Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd

  • Genpact India Pvt Ltd

  • Tech Mahindra Ltd

  • Manipal Health Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Interesting Facts

A data entry clerk’s job can be done from home, making it a great choice for stay-at-home mothers/fathers who would like to be able to take care of their young children simultaneously.

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