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Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security?

  • The practice of protecting mobile devices, servers, computers, data, networks and other electronic systems from malicious attacks is known as cybersecurity. 

  • Students who are willing to learn cybersecurity will be able to monitor a range of electronic systems and prevent threats of cyber-attacks.

What does an expert in Cybersecurity do?

A specialist in cybersecurity has the job role of providing the utmost security when a software system, data center, and networks are being developed. The primary responsibilities are:

  • Determining the information that requires protection

  • Determining and explaining security measures 

  • Preventing unauthorized access

  • Identifying potential threats

  • Designing defensive strategies

  • Running counteractive protocols

  • Testing the applied strategies

How to become a Cybersecurity expert in India?


12th with Science

A graduate degree (BSc or BTech) in Computer Science is an essential requirement to get cybersecurity specialization.

What is taught in a cybersecurity course? 

The course of cybersecurity covers a wide range of subjects like digital principles and system design, data structures, Java programming, design and analysis of algorithms. The core subjects include:

  • Problem-solving and programming in C

  • Introduction to Cyber Security

  • Computer Architecture and Organization

  • Data structure & algorithm

  • Data management system

  • Internet technologies

Where can one study cybersecurity diploma/certificate courses in India?

A diploma has special importance to gain a deeper insight into the chosen field. There are hundreds of colleges and universities in India that offer diploma courses for cybersecurity. 

Best colleges offering Cybersecurity courses are

  • Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, Chennai

  • Galgotias University, Noida

  • Graphic Era University, Dehradun

  • Chandigarh University, Chandigarh

  • Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Coimbatore

  • D.Y. Patil International University, Pune

  • The NorthCap University, Gurgaon

  • SGT University, Gurgaon

  • Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi

What is the course duration of diploma/certificate courses in cybersecurity? 

Post Graduate Diploma courses take approximately 10 to 12 months. It consists of both a training and certification program based on the eligibility of the applicants. Most certification courses are short term ranging from three to six months that can be achieved online. The courses lead to brighter career opportunities in the field of IT or cybersecurity industries.

There are different types of cybersecurity course curriculums available in India. Some are as follows: 

  • Cybersecurity Expert and investigator

  • Cybersecurity Management

  • Information System Auditor

Apart from certificate and diploma courses, some universities/institutes also offer degree courses on this subject as well. 

What are the Job Prospects after completing a diploma in cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is not a mere 9 to 6 job. Students must have serious dedication and lots of effort to stay updated with the current developments in the industry. 

  • One may opt for a Master’s or Doctoral studies in this field after graduation.

  • Or students can appear for NET and start a career in education as a lecturer.

These specialists are required in companies from the industry of 

  • Healthcare

  • Finance

  • IT and 

  • Educational institutions

  • Cyber cells of security agencies

  • Defense Industry

What is the Expected Salary to start?

  • Average Salary for a Cyber Security Analyst in India is Rs 504,824/yr

  • The average salary of  a Cyber Security Analyst with less than 1 year of experience is Rs 401,436/yr

  • The average salary of a Cyber Security Analyst  1-4 years of experience is Rs 483,832/yr

  • At Senior level (5-9 years of experience) a Cyber Security Analyst in India makes Rs 1,075,000/yr

Who are the top recruiters in this field? 

There are many companies in India that are among the top recruiters for cybersecurity specialists. Some of the leading recruiters are:

  • IBM

  • Qualys

  • Symantec

  • Cyber Roam

  • Secure View

  • Syntel

  • Network Intelligence India

  • Cap Gemini

  • Security Innovation

  • Fire Eye

  • TCS

What kinds of books and study materials are available for studying cybersecurity? 

An adept cybersecurity analyst has a great reputation in the industry. To achieve the best knowledge, consider, going through these books:

  • Cybersecurity Blue Team Toolkit

  • The Secret to Cybersecurity

  • Cybersecurity Essentials

  • Tribe of Hackers 

  • Cybersecurity: Attack and Defense Strategies

  • The Hacker Playbook 3

Interesting facts

  • The most expensive malware virus to date the world has experienced is MyDoom. It costs USD 38.5 billion.

  • 93% of the targeted victims on the internet exist in the social media platforms