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Chemist / Pharmacist

What is the pharmacy?

In general terms, a pharmacy is a medical shop or chemist where medicines are being sold to end-users, i.e. patients. However, in the academic world, pharmacy is defined as a field of study that deals with the formulation, preparation, doses, dispensing, and study of different effects related to medicines. 

What is a pharmacist?

A pharmacist is one who has expert knowledge on different aspects of pharmacy. A pharmacist keeps in-depth knowledge of different chemical compositions and their effects on the human body including side-effects, remedies for side-effects, and interactions with other drugs. 

What are the different courses available in the pharmacy field?

Following are the most popular courses in this field:

  • Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharma)

  • Bachelor in Pharmacy (B.Pharma)

  • Master in Pharmacy (M.Pharma)

  • Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D)

Where can one study higher courses in the pharmacy?

Best Colleges/Institutes 

  • Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Science, Bangalore

  • Bombay College of Pharmacy, Mumbai

  • Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra

  • Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, Bangalore

  • MS University, Department of Pharmacy, Baroda

  • National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER)

  • Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering & Technology, IIT BHU VARANASI

Popular Colleges/Institutes 

  • Government College of Pharmacy, Bangalore 

  • Nagpur University, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagpur

  • M.D. University, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Rohtak

  • Kakatiya University, Department College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Warangal

  • JSS College of Pharmacy, Mysore

What subjects are taught in an undergraduate course in the pharmacy? 

Some common subjects taught in an undergraduate course in pharmacy are as follows:

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

  • Pharmacognosy

  • Anatomy and physiology

  • Pharmaceutical Analysis

  • Pharmaceutical Biology

  • Computer application 

What are the key sectors where pharmacists could get employment?

Certified pharmacists get opportunities to work in different sectors:

  • Chemist shops

  • Health centers 

  • Hospitals (both government and private)

  • Medicine manufacturing pharmaceutical companies

  • Food and Drug administration

  • Educational institutes as trainers or lecturers

  • Research laboratories 

What kinds of jobs can pharmacists obtain?

Following are some popular pharmacy job types/job profile pharmacists can obtain in different sectors:

  • Chemist

  • Health inspector/supervisor

  • Drug inspector

  • Medical transcriptionist

  • Quality control inspector/supervisor/manager

  • Research assistant

  • Project manager

  • Drug therapist

  • Advisor 

  • Lecturer

  • Trainer

  • Lab assistant 

How much does a pharmacist earn?

  • Average Salary for a Pharmacist in India is Rs 249,864/yr

  • The average salary of a Pharmacist with less than 1 year of experience is Rs 220,499/yr

  • The average salary of a Pharmacist 1-4 years of experience is Rs 240,970/yr

  • At Senior level (5-9 years of experience) a Pharmacist in India makes Rs 290,286/yr

  • And with 10-19 years of experience, a Pharmacist in India makes Rs 330,000/yr

  • After 20+ years of experience, a Pharmacist in India makes Rs 450,000/yr

Source: Payscale

What are the growth Prospects after acquiring a degree in Pharmacy?

  • Students can enroll for masters in this field, M.Pharma.

  • They also have an option to enroll for an MBA or Ph.D. for further studies.

  • Graduates from B.Pharma are also eligible for competitive exams such as SSC, state PCS, and UPSC.

  • One can also be a medical underwriter after acquiring a B.pharm degree. The requirements of this job are knowledge of pharmacology, anatomy and medical terminology. Where experts are required to do medical scribes or medical transcription, medical coders or to check the insurance-related records.

Who are the top recruiters in India in this field? 

Following companies are the top recruiters of certified pharmacists in India: 

  • Cipla

  • Apollo

  • Sun Pharmaceuticals

  • Seeds

  • MedLife

  • Vasan Eye Care

  • Procter & Gamble

  • Novartis

  • Zydus

  • Torrent Pharmaceuticals

  • Glenmark

  • Lupin

What kinds of books and study materials are available for the pharmacy entrance exam and undergraduate courses? 

Books for the entrance examination

  • Self-study Guide for B.Pharma examination by Arihant Experts

  • The Pearson Guide to GPAT and other competitive examination in Pharmacy

Books for undergraduate studies

  • Anatomy-Physiology in health and illness by Ross & Wilson

  • Pharmaceutical Arithmetic’s by Mohd Ali

  • Practical pharmaceutical chemistry, Part-I by A.H.Beckett and J.B.Stenlake

  • Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry - I by Dr. K.G. Bothara

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology by Swati V. Joggdand Prashant Sarda Dr. Naitik D. Trivedi

Interesting facts

  • Pharmacists possess permission to administer all types of vaccines. 

  • Dr. John Stith Pemberton, a pharmacist by profession formulated Coca Cola syrup in 1886.