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Casino Host

What is a Casino Host?

  • Casino hosts have the job to keep people happy as they keep losing money. Yes, it sounds pretty difficult. But, the task lets you use the casino's facilities and resources.

  • In a judicious way, you make money by not charging it. You have to take care of the big spenders (Read: celebrities) and provide complementary services as they lose. Somewhere between establishing a relationship with big spenders and keeping the benefits low.

So what work do they do?

The job of a casino host is to get along with players who will become loyal patrons to the establishment. The casino host has the authority to issue comps (added benefits) to players.

How do I become a Casino Host?

  • You can start after 12th and a strong command of the English language helps. While this isn't the qualification, most jobs require this as a prerequisite. You would be dealing with numbers and fancy customers. A good education benefits your candidature.

  • One requires only to be outgoing and friendly to become a good casino host. You need to be smart as well.

  • People try all kinds of tricks at a casino (Read: card counting). Often, surveillance systems can't comprehend these strategies.

  • However, with the domain of new jobs. Several positions have opened with online Casino hosts. These require a business degree or a Marketing background. With increasing competition, this may also pave your path into land based casino jobs.

What are the growth opportunities for a Casino Host in India?

  • Casino hosts can work at a designated casino or take up freelancing. By freelancing, you can fill up shortages at casinos and get a cut of the earnings. You handle complimentary for high spenders.

  • This is basically returning some % of the gamblers' losses in services, meals and gifts. It's a to and fro game of keeping the cash coming and comps going until the gambler can't spend more.