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Brand Management

What is Brand Management?

Brand Management is a soft skill intensive course. You take charge to lead a brand or a product to popularity or esteem. This may be a luxury product where the goal is to stand out as an elite. Or this may be an accommodating product with the goal to sell to the masses.

You can start anywhere in the Brand Management cycle. While the prerequisite soft skills are creativity and marketing abilities. Your hard skills decide your role in the Brand Management Team.

What are the Admission and Eligibility criteria?

  • Must be a final year undergraduate or graduate student preferably with 60%.

  • An entrance exam such as the IIMCAT/GMAT/XAT/SNAP/CMAT is also needed for evaluation.

What are the skills required?

  • Excellent Negotiation and communication skills

  • Manipulation skills

  • Critical thinking

  • Comfortable with travelling

  • Susceptible to change

  • Visionary

What are the top Colleges for Brand Management?

  • Indian Institute(s) of Management - Candidates with good sectional scores in the CAT. Strong academic background is needed for top colleges. Cutoffs range between 90 - 99 percentile.

  • MICA, Ahmedabad - CAT and weightage for MICA's own entrance exam, MICAT. 85+ percentile in CAT would lead to a good chance of shortlisting. The program MBA-C or MBA in Communication is a specialized course. MICA is also known as the Mecca of Marketing.

  • SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai - The PGDM program requires a %ile of 85+ in the CAT. Good sectional scores, academic background and profiles are also needed. PGDM has both majors and minors in Marketing.

  • SDA Bocconi Asia Center, Mumbai - SDA Bocconi has strong international ties. Strong academic background and scores around 90% in the CAT are selected.

  • Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship - XIME is located in Bangalore, Chennai & Kochi. The PGDM offers several electives in Marketing. The CAT cutoff ranges in 75 percentile. Other exams are XAT.

What are Popular Colleges?

  • Luxury Connect Business School

  • Pearl Academy

  • Fad International Academy Pune

  • Raffles Mumbai

  • Misb Bocconi

What is the Career Scope?

You can work as a Marketing Manager,  Brand Manager, Project Manager, and a person with strong design skills may be a part of the Brand Design. This means taking charge of logos, colours, insignias and other visual codes. Strong Media background or similar experience with video entails a career in Advertising. There are many possibilities.

How much money Brand Manager makes in India?

  • Avg. Salary in India - Rs 1,016,927 (10 L pa)

  • Avg. Early Career Salary (1-4 years) - Rs 813,699

  • Mid Career Salary (5-9 years) - Rs 1,242,333 

  • Experienced Salary (10-19 years) - Rs 1,535,056

(Salaries for Brand Manager Profile and per annum)

The salaries may range between 6 - 22 lakhs depending on your Post Graduate Degree.

Source: Payscale

Who are the Major Recruiters?

You can work for big companies as well as start-ups 

Google; Amazon; L'Oreal; Wipro; YES Bank; TATA Steel; Decathlon, Sun Pharma, Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd. (Times Group); Ola; OYO among others

What are the Books and Study Material Available?

  • Quantitative Aptitude - R.S. Aggarwal

  • Logical Reasoning - R.S. Aggarwal

  • How to prepare for the CAT series - Arun Sharma

Some Interesting Facts

Brand Management as a modern discipline is said to have been started by a memo at Procter & Gamble by Neil H. McElroy.