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Book Publisher

Who is a book Publisher?

A book publisher is responsible for overseeing the selection, marketing, production, and distribution involved in new processes of writing.

What does a book publisher do?

Book Publishers take responsibility for all phases of book publishing. They strive to invite good authors and distribute books that can have substantial financial success. Depending on the extent and workload of the company, the book publishers may provide all aspects of the publications, or if they require they can transfer part of the work to editor, designers, and people who specialize in marketing.

What are the skills required?

The role of a book publisher is demanding and the person needs to have an interest in a book as it is the very basic requirement of any publishing industry. The skill a book publisher ideally has are:

  • Strong communication skills

  • The ability to take the pressure and meet deadlines.

  • Computer Literacy.

  • Analytical Thinker

  • Interest in reading and writing.

Where can you study it more thoroughly?

If you want book publishing as your preferred higher education in India, there are quite a few colleges that offer courses on book publishing. We have given an in-depth career guide for you to make an informed decision. The top colleges offering book publishing courses are:

  • Institute of book publishing, New Delhi

  • The Oriental Research Institute, Mysore

  • Government Institute of Printing Technology, Mumbai

  • Himalayan Institute India, Allahabad

  • Kala Niketan, Jabalpur

  • PHI Learning, New Delhi

  • The Seagull School of Publishing, Kolkata

  • College of Vocational Studies, New Delhi

  • Indira Gandhi National Open University - School of Humanities, New Delhi

  • University of Calcutta: Centre for Studies in Book Publishing, Kolkata

  • Shankar's Academy of Art and Book Publishing, New Delhi

  • Gurukul Digital Arts and Animation Studio, New Delhi

  • Sadhna Academy for Modern Studies (SAMS), Noida

  • National Book Trust, New Delhi

  • University of Delhi: College of Vocational Studies, New Delhi

The book publishing industry is mainly comprised of writers, editors, scouts, agents and book publishers. As a book publisher, you will be responsible to oversee the scouting, selection, reviewing, production, marketing, and distribution of various new works that will be put in production. So, if you love books you can choose book publishing as your leading platform for higher education in India. You can get started with one of the many prominent firms like Rupa or Penguin or you can choose to have your own production house.

What is the Career Scope for a Book Publisher in India? 

  • Publishing is the process of distribution of information to the public which can be in the form of books, literature paper, newspaper, periodicals, and many other formats.

  • Book Publishing is a very creative and innovative field and has since been divided into print as well as online e-book contents. As various areas where books are read are increasing and people are actively pursuing new books, the publishing industry can be your leading platform of education in India after 12th.

  • If you have an avid reading habit, literary and creative effort, and general marketing skills, then you can get into a book publishing career. The primary job of a publisher requires them to supervise every stage starting from the selection of a manuscript, preparing it for printing and then eventually marketing it to the potential audience. 

The different departments one can work in the publishing industry are:

  • Sales and Marketing Department

  • Editorial Department

  • Design Department

  • Production Department

How much does a book publisher make?

The average salary for a book publisher is around Rs 341k/yr. The estimates are according to Payscale.

What are the books and study materials available?

To become a book publisher, you need to have an avid interest in books. Here are some books and study materials 

  • The Book Publishing Industry, Alberto Greco

  • What Editors Do, Peter Gina

  • The Writer's Market 2020

  • How to market a book, Joanna Penn

  • ABC for book collectors, John Carter

Who are the Major Recruiters?

The recruitment for book publishers is taken by many famous publishers and book printing agencies. Some of the best companies that recruits book publishers are:

  • Penguin India

  • Rupa Publishers

  • HarperCollins Publisher India

  • Tata Mcgraw Hill

  • Arihant Publications

  • Pearson

Interesting fact

The best selling book has over 5 billion copies of it distributed worldwide according to Guinness World record. The book is the holy book of the Christians, known as the Bible.