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Bodyguard/ Security Officer

Who is a bodyguard/security officer?

Bodyguards/Security officers are trained professionals who offer security to other people. They protect and secure their clients from any kind of danger, such as an armed attack, harassment, assault, kidnapping, stalking, robbery, etc. They work for high profile celebrities, politicians, businessmen, athletes, and other famous dignitaries.

What are the duty and responsibilities of a security officer?

  • A bodyguard’s duties can be manifold. They protect the other person’s life by accompanying them to events, vacations, meetings, and other personal and professional commitments.

  • They protect their clients against any possibility of danger.

  • They closely monitor the surrounding, search buildings, cars, or bags, in case of a threat, and physically stand guard in front of their client to protect them from unnecessary attention and scrutiny.

What are the skills required by a bodyguard/security officer?

Since they usually work for high profile people, it is important for them to have a good personality. Good manners and etiquettes are also equally important. Apart from this, you must possess the following skills:

  • A strong physique and impeccable stamina.

  • The utmost level of fitness and the ability to run, walk, and stand for extended amounts of time.

  • Quick reflexes and a strong presence of mind.

  • Knowledge of martial arts, combat, kick-boxing and other similar self-defence and offence sports.

  • Good leadership skills and the ability to endure harsh physical and mental conditions.

Top colleges offering courses for becoming a bodyguard/security officer

Although you do not need any specific degrees to be a bodyguard, you do need good physical strength and stamina to be successful. There are some courses that aspirants can take to acquaint themselves with the duties, responsibilities, and job requirements. Here are some institutes that offer certification courses:

  • Orion School of Security and Intelligence Management. They have branches in two cities, Delhi and Mohali.

  • Unarmed and Commando Combat Academy. This organization has been established by army veterans and trainers.

Job prospects for security officers & bodyguards in India

  • Bodyguards have the option to work in several industries. They can work for government officials, political leaders, businesspersons, actors, athletes, and models.
  • Sometimes, the family members of prominent personalities also require security, as these people are likely to suffer from threats and dangerous attacks.
  • They can also be hired by hotels and event companies to offer protection to guests and performers.
  • With increasing crime in the country, many low-profile, non-celebrities are also hiring bodyguards for themselves and their families these days.

How much does a bodyguard/ security officer make?

The salary for a bodyguard can differ based on the clients they work for. The more high-profile the client is, the more money they can earn. Chances of the client being a target also increase their salary. On average, they earn up to Rs. 406,946 in a year. If their job requires them to travel extensively, they might also earn bonuses.

What are the books and study material available?

Being a bodyguard is a very dynamic job with the potential to learn something new every day, but some books can help you understand the role. Here are some popular recommendations:

  • Beyond the Bodyguard: Proven Tactics and Dynamic Strategies for Protective Practices success

  • Bodyguard: A Guide to VIP Protection

  • The Way of the Bodyguard: How to be a bodyguard. Knowledge, not Gossip.

Apart from this, keeping yourself abreast with the happening around the world, your client’s requirements and learning new self-defence skills can help you attain a better understanding of the role.

Major recruiters

Given the fact that security officers can be hired by many people including political leaders, businesspersons, actors, singers, athletes, etc., they are a popular choice for many companies. Here are some primary recruiters: 

  • Bodyguard —

  • Government of India

  • Cobra

  • Bouncer Bodyguard

Interesting facts

Bodyguards live very interesting, dynamic, and fast-paced lives. They may travel extensively and see famous people on a day-to-day basis, but they are required to maintain the highest levels of professionalism and secrecy based on the nature of their job and their client’s profile.