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Ayurveda BAMS

What is Ayurveda BAMS? 

  • The full form of BAMS is the bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery.

  • The course curriculum is designed to make the students of Ayurveda familiar with all basic concepts of this stream of medicine and how it can be applied in different treatment procedures. This is a popular undergraduate degree programme. 

  • Though Ayurveda is one of the oldest streams of medicine, many newer aspects have been introduced to give it a modern look and help the patients get the benefits of advanced treatments. 

Where can one study BAMS? 

The best colleges/Institutions in India for BAMS are as follows:

  • Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras

  • Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore 

  • Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune

  • Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Faridkot

  • Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik

The popular colleges/University/Institutions in India for BAMS are as follows: 

  • Sanskriti University, Mathura

  • Delhi University, Delhi

  • Sanskriti University, Uttar Pradesh

  • SGT University, Gurgaon

What is the course duration of BAMS?

Normally, the course duration is 4 years and 6 months, followed by 1 year’s internship.

What are the skills required to be successful in BAMS and as a professional in this field?

  • Suitable for those students who keep intensive knowledge of medicines and alternative medicines. 

  • Students who want to build their career in Ayurveda

  • Interest in medicinal property of herbs, roots, leaves, etc. 

  • Keen interest in exploring the human mind and body including the functionality of different organs. 

  • Good decision-making ability, good observation power, and interest in handling patients. 

What are the career prospects after completing BAMS?

There are a plethora of career opportunities after passing BAMS:

  • You can pursue higher studies in different other sectors like MBA in Hospital Management, Masters in Health Administration (MHA), and Masters in Public Health (MPH). Completing these courses will open up newer job opportunities especially in administrative and managerial positions. 

  • You can pursue high degree courses like MD (Ayurveda & MS (Ayurveda).

  • You may appear for NET and start a career as a teacher in an Ayurveda college. 

  • Career opportunities are also available in foreign countries as well. As the research work and interest in Ayurveda have been increasing in Europe and America quite remarkably. 

  • You can work as a physician in an Ayurvedic health centre, clinic, or hospital. 

  • Health tourism has become a craze these days as such you can think of attaching with a health resort or spa to work as a therapist or health supervisor. 

  • You can work as a medical supervisor in Ayurveda medicines manufacturing company. 

Who are the top recruiters in this industry? 

The top recruiters in this field are mainly Ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies. Following are the top recruiters in recent times: 

  • Government-funded Ayurvedic colleges and hospitals

  • Patanjali

  • Dabur

  • Baidyanath

  • Emami

  • Hamdard

  • The Himalaya Drugs Limited

  • Zandu Pharmaceuticals 

  • Dey’s Medical 

What is the common salary structure in this field?

  • The average salary of a medical officer in India is Rs 615,319/yr

  • The average salary of a medical officer in India with less than 1 year experience Rs 498,193/yr

  • The average salary of a medical officer with 1-4 years is Rs 586,671/yr

  • A professional with 5-9 years of experience earns Rs 663,455/yr in India

  • With 10-19 years of experience, a medical officer earns Rs 850,000/yr

  • The salary in the Government sector is as per the current payscale (Rs. 15600-39100 plus a grade pay of Rs. 5400)


What are some popular books for studying BAMS?

  • NEET 26 Years Chapter Wise Solved Papers

  • NEET Revision Book

  • NEET Daily Problem Practice Sheet (DPP) of PCB

  • NEET Formula Handbook PCB

  • NEET Class Notes Series PCB

  • NEET Study Material Package PCB

  • NEET Unit wise Practice Test Papers

  • NEET 10 Full Syllabus Mock Tests

  • NEET Ranker Package

  • NEET Crash Course Books

Interesting facts 

Most of the Indian (80%) rely on Ayurveda even for chronic diseases for their treatment. The global market of Ayurveda is expected to grow to $9.7 billion by 2022.