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Auto Mechanic

Auto Mechanic

Long ago, the caps and keys alone were enough to do the work in the garage. Complicated electrical and computer systems are now responsible for fuel consumption, air conditioning and oil pressure which means that technicians must now have special technical skills and knowledge.

What Do they Do?

To repair cars, their main role is to diagnose the problem accurately and quickly and so the auto mechanic examines a particular vehicle and then gets to repair it. Auto mechanics typically work in garages and are also available on calls to a particular location. 

Car mechanics are responsible for ensuring

  • Diagnostics, repair and maintenance of motor vehicles

  • Keep a list of tools and parts

  • Communicate with customer service, parts and sales

  • Diagnose faults using electronic test equipment

How To Become one?

Car dealerships carry out warranty work and special services offered for the brand. General car workshops service all types of passenger cars and are a good place to gain a lot of experience. Large stores have more resources. They have additional tools and equipment, and a larger pool of talent for learning. Smaller workshops are the perfect choice to start a car mechanic career. Small businesses need people to perform many tasks, from beginning to end. For more information, check out these videos on Wikihow and Should you become a Mechanic?

Popular colleges offering auto mechanic courses

  • CEDP Skill Institute, Mumbai

  • Auto Institute

  • S & S Care Skills Academy Pvt. Ltd

  • Automotive Skills Development Council

What is the Admission and Eligibility Criteria?

A person must be well versed in mechanical technicalities and electrical systems (Technical Knowledge) in order to become an automobile mechanic.

There is no prerequisite for certificate programs but for diploma programs you will have to apply through respective state’s polytechnic entrances.

How much do they make?

  • Avg. Salary in India - Rs 231,923

  • Avg. Salary less than 1 year - Rs 190,000

  • Avg. Early Career Salary (1-4 years) - Rs 203,444

  • Mid Career Salary (5-9 years) - Rs 302,524

  • Experienced Salary (10-19 years) - Rs 489,796

All salaries are per annum (Source: payscale)

Who are the top Recruiters?

  • Tata AutoComp Systems Ltd     

  • Mahindra Engineering     

  • Minda Autogas Limited     

  • Tractors And Farm Equipment Limited     

  • Motherson Automotive Technologies & Engineering     

  • Honda Siel Car Division     

  • Escorts Ltd. Engineering Division     

  • Steel Strips Wheels Ltd     

  • Murugappa     

  • Mico Bosch

Interesting facts

Karl Benz’s Benz patent motor car from 1885 is considered to be the first practical automobile.