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Agricultural Science

What is Agricultural Science?

  • It is a multidisciplinary and wide field of study mainly in biology.

  • It also includes parts of social, economic, natural and exact science.

  • The basic idea is to understand the agricultural methods, processes, and practices.

  • Includes diverse subjects like soil science, land surveying, poultry and animal management, water resource management, pest control apart from basic biotechnology.

How is it different from Agricultural Engineering?

While Agricultural Science is focused on processes and methods, Agricultural Engineering strives to improve productivity by the use of mechanical and electrical devices.

What are the Eligibility Criteria?

Physics, Chemistry and Biology in class 12th.

Where can one study B. Sc. (Agricultural Sciences)?

The best universities/colleges/ institutes to study B.Sc. in Agricultural Science are as follows: 

  • Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Tamil Nadu

  • Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University, Guntur

  • Chandigarh University, Chandigarh

  • Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana

  • Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, New Delhi

The popular universities/colleges/ institutes to study B.Sc. in Agricultural Science are as follows: 

  • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), School of Agriculture, New Delhi

  • College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology, Ludhiana

  • Agriculture University, Jodhpur

  • Birsa Agricultural University, Ranchi

  • Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Nadia, West Bengal

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur

Normally, B.Sc. (Agriculture) is of FOUR years duration.

What are the specializations Areas in Agricultural Sciences after completing B.Sc. in Agriculture?

The following specialization areas are open after doing B. Sc. (Agricultural Science):

  • Pest Control

  • Irrigation water management

  • Production economics with farm management

  • Sericulture

  • Plant Biochemistry

  • Environment management

This field is evolving rapidly. Hence, newer specializations are evolving rapidly. 

What kind of personal skills are required for pursuing Agricultural Science?

Good marks in higher secondary (10+2) level are mandatory for getting selected in a premium college for pursuing B.Sc. (Agricultural Science). Apart from that, the following are some personal skills required for completing the UG/PG course successfully:

  • Interest in the field of agriculture is mandatory 

  • Ability to plan, coordinate, and organize

  • Interest working with a team of professionals in this field and from other diversified fields

  • Interest in environmental science, statistics, and rural economies

  • Interest in visiting farmlands and meeting farmers

What are the Job Prospects after acquiring BSc or MSc? (Agricultural Science)? 

  • Government of India recruits Agronomists or Agricultural Officer 

  • Assistant Plantation Manager

  • Agriculture Officer

  • Agriculture Research Officer

  • Plantation manager

  • Quality assurance officer

  • Product manager

  • Operation manager in agricultural product processing

  • Marketing or Business Development Executive

What is the Expected Salary of an agriculture science graduate/postgraduate in India?

It depends on the job profile and sector you have chosen to start your professional career. Since the graduates and postgraduates in this field opt for diversified jobs, salary varies accordingly. Here have a look:

  • The average salary of Agricultural Inspectors is Rs 816K/yr

  • The average salary of Regional marketing managers is Rs 556K/yr

  • The average salary of Product marketing manager Rs 551K/yr

  • The average salary of Agricultural Research scientist is 446K/yr

  • The average salary of Business development manager 362K/yr


What are the growth prospects? 

The sector is adopting new technologies and scientific findings for getting more positive results in cultivation, food processing, and logistics.

  • After completing Masters in this field, one may appear for NET and start working as a lecturer in the university or institutes

  • Or can opt for PhD after completing masters, for research work, or associate with government-organized projects. 

Who are the top recruiters in this field? 

So far, the following companies have remained the top recruiters of agricultural science graduates:

  • ABT Industries

  • Raasi Seeds

  • National Agro Industries

  • Advanta Limited

  • Rallis India Limited

  • DuPont India

  • ITC

  • Dabur India Ltd

This list is just representative and certainly not exhaustive. The Government of India and the State Governments also recruit a large number of graduates in this discipline. 

What kinds of books and study materials are available for the entrance examinations? 

The following books will be of help:

  • Plant Physiology by R. K. Sinha

  • NTA -ICAR Entrance Exam Guide

  • Happy Families, Healthy Landscapes, Profitable Farms by David Pratt

  • The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s-Eye View of the World (Paperback) by Michael Pollan

Interesting facts

  • The agricultural industry is the single largest industry in the world. It accounts for 40% of global employment. 

  • More than 80,000 newspapers and magazines use soy inks for printing in the USA.